SAP IDOC Qualifier; SAP IDOC QUALifier List with description

SAP IDOC QUALifier List with description

SAP IDoc Qualifier List : In order to find easily the business corresponding for a segment, the whole list of SAP IDOC Qualifiers is attached.
( use CRT+F for quick find 😉 )

SAP IDoc Qualifier List Part 1

Here the list of IDoc Qualifier with the description for each QUAL Id. It is based on SAP Domain EDI_QUALFR.

QUAL Description
001 Customer Purchase Order
002 Vendor Order
003 Customer Inquiry
004 Vendor Quotation
005 Customer Contract Number
006 Vendor Contract Number
007 Collective Number for Quotations
008 Last Purchase Order Number (SPEC2000 Acknowl.)
009 Invoice Number
010 Internal Number (Document)
011 Referenced Document Number
012 Delivery Note Number
013 Internal PO Number
014 Accounting Document
015 Billing Document Number of Invoicing Party
016 Number of Preceding Document
017 Assignment Number
018 Customer Order Number
019 ISR Number
020 Invoice List Number
021 ID for Cost Assignment
022 Payment Document Number
023 Banker's Acceptance
024 Matured Certificate of Deposit (CD)
025 Loan
026 Check Number
027 Foreign Exchange Contract Number
028 Credit Memo
029 Payment Advice Note Number
030 Original Purchase Order Number (ALE)
031 Return Leg Number
032 Reference Bank
033 Third-Party Reference Number
034 Reference Number of Beneficiary's Bank
035 Message Reference
036 Credit Card Number
037 Statement Number
038 Account Statement No. (Deposit No.)
039 Account Statement No. (Deposit Seq. No)
040 Payee Code
041 MICR Line
042 Imported Line
043 Vendor Contract Number
044 Ship-To Party's PO Order
045 Cost Center
046 Profitability Segment No.
047 Work Breakdown Structure Object
048 Profit Center
049 Business Area
050 Delivery Order
051 Delivery Order Route Number
052 Sequence Number
053 Scheduling Agreement Number
054 External Transaction
055 Promotion Number
056 Customer Quotation Number
057 Customer Buying Group
058 Customer Contract Number
059 Check Number from Check Register
060 JIT Call Number
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SAP IDoc Qualifier List Part 2

061 Internal Delivery Note Number
062 Customer PO no. for consignment issue by ext. service agent
063 External Delivery Note Number
064 Goods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
065 Repetitive Wire Nummer
066 External Order Number
067 Quality Notification Number
068 External Inquiry Number
069 Business Partner Reference Key
070 Reference Text for Settled Items
071 Customer ID no.
072 Agreement Number
073 Credit Advice Number
074 Transfer Number
075 Check Number
076 Credit Posting Number
077 Transfer number (just transferred)
078 Delivering Profit Center
079 Batch Number
080 Certificate Profile
081 Collective Daily Delivery Note
082 Summarized JIT call
083 External Delivering Plant
084 Tax Number Tax Office §14
086 Kanban Control Cycle
087 Reference Document Number – Billing Document
102 Resale Ship and Debit Agreement No.
103 Customer Claim Reference Number
104 Design Registration Number
105 TPOP Order Number
106 TPOP Reference Order Number
111 Partner Business Area
APY Approval Year of Official Document Number
APN Registration Number of Official Document Numbers
SNC Serial Number of Statement
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