About Me

Hello and welcome to SAP4Tech.Net.

I am Sab125 and I have been working in SAP field for almost a decade.
I am introduced this blog to share my knowledge about SAP and ABAP and help other SAPers finding the best solutions.

Sap4Tech Blog focus on SAP and ABAP Tutorials. I am only sharing what I have seen during my experience working for top companies.

I will cover differents aspects between SAP technical and SAP functional.
The mean modules covered in this blog are:

( for Plant Maintenance )

    • SAP SD

( for Sales and Distribution )

    • SAP MM

( for Material Management )

    • SAP VIM

( the OpenText Solution for Vendor Invoice Management)

( for Gateway Way)

( for Customer RelationShip Management)

In the futur, I will add more topics on SAP HANA and SAP UI5 as I making a soft shift in my SAP career into these hot SAP skills. ( The others topics above are a must have I believe ).

Thank for visitiny my Blog and I hope that you enjoy and you find what you are looking for. If not, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form or leave a comment on the desired post 😉