The Most Important SAP ISU Tables

SAP ISU Tables for Technical master data, for Billing Master Data, Billing and invoicing Tables? SAP Device Management Tables, SAP ISU Tables for Scheduling.

SAP IS-U” is a sales and information system that supports utility and waste disposal companies.

SAP IS-U supports business functions such as meter reading, meter data management, scheduling, billing, invoicing, accounting, customer service, and integration to customer relations management.”

(source: wikipedia)

The IS-U master data model can be categorized in to two main groups

  1. Business Data
  2. Technical Data

SAP ISU Tables for Technical master data

“Any master data that is used for actually providing the services are grouped under Technical Data.

For e.g., a device or a meter that is installed in a customer location.” (source: SAP IS-U data model)

TablesSAP ISU Tables for Master Data
EKUNISU business partner data 
BUT050Business partner relationships  
BUT100Business partner roles  
BUT020Business partner address  
BUT000Business partner   
DFKKLOCKSBusiness locks   
FKKVKPContract account for the partner 
FKKVKContract account   

SAP ISU Tables for Billing Master Data

SAP ISU Tables for Billing Master Data are:

TablesBilling Master Data ISU Tables
ETTA Rate category   
ETTAF Rate category facts  
TE221 Operands    
ETRF Rates    
EKDI Rate facts   
ESCHS Billing schema steps  
ESCHS Billing schema header  
EPREIH Price history   
EPREI Prices header   
TE069 Rate types   
ETTIF/ETTIFN/ETTIFB Installation facts   
ERTFND Rate determination   

SAP ISU Billing and invoicing Tables

Billing and Invoicing module explain the process that starts with Billing and Invoicing and finishes with Bill print out.(source)

Billing Cycle in ISU perspective starts with the creation of the Meter Reading Orders (MRO) and ends in the creation of the respective invoices ( also, called as Print Document). (source)

TablesSAP ISU Billing and invoicing Tables
ERDKPrint doc header  
ERDOOutsorting Table for Invoicing
ERDBCA document for print document
ERCHOOutsorting Table for billing document 
ERCHCInvoicing reversal history  
ERCHBilling doc header  
DBERCHZIndividual Line Items
DBERDLPrint doc lines  
DBERDLBBilling doc-print doc line reference

SAP ISU Tables for Technical master Data

SAP ISU Tables for Technical master Data are:

TablesSAP ISU Tables for Technical master data
EHAUISUConnection object   
EANLHInstallation time slice  
EGPLTXDevice locations   
EUITRANSPoD internal to external Ids

SAP Device Management Tables

Device Management manages technical data, installations, meter readings, and the inspection of devices.

TablesSAP Device Management Tables
EASTIRegister relationships   
EUILZWRegister- Pod   
EADZMultiple installation billing data registers
EZWDRegister Groups   
EZUZDevice allocation for registers 
EGERHHistorical device data  
EGERSMaster device data  
EGERRDevice info for Pod 
EUILNRDevice Pod   
ETYPDevice category- material data 
EZUGDevice allocation for device 

SAP ISU Tables for Scheduling

Scheduling groups the sub-division of the service territory into portions (billing units) and meter reading units in the system, and generates dates for the following functions:

  • Meter reading
  • Billing
  • Creation of budget billing amounts (source)
TablesSAP ISU Tables for Scheduling
TE422Meter reading units  
TE418Schedule records- meter reading units
TE419Parameter records   
TE417Schedule records for portion 
ETRGBilling orders   
EABLMeter reading document  
EABLGMeter reading reasons   
A Selection of useful ISU Tables
A Selection of useful ISU Tables