SAP Equipment Tables – Main List of Equipment Tables in SAP

SAP PM Tcodes - SAP Equipment Tables

SAP Equipement Tables details the main Tables for Equipment Master Data in SAP and especially in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance).
First we will start with the main Tables List, then we will go deeper for the top SAP Equipment Tables.

What a SAP Equipment in SAP PM ?

Let first define what an Equipment in SAP ?

The business object “Equipment” is an individual, physical object that is to be maintained independently. It can be installed in a technical system or part of a technical system.
You can manage all types of device as pieces of equipment (for example, production utilities, transportation utilities, test equipment, production resources/tools, buildings, PCs).

Since many of these physical objects are managed as “assets” in Asset Management, the term “piece of equipment” was chosen for objects defined from a technical perspective, in order to avoid confusion with the activated tangible assets.

You define and manage each piece of equipment in the Plant Maintenance (PM) System in a separate master record and can set up an individual maintenance history for each one. (source)

Main SAP Equipment Tables

The most important Tables for SAP Equipment are:

SAP Equipment TableDescription
EQUIEquipment master data
EQKTMultilingual equipment short texts & ?long texts and internal remarks
EQUZEquipment time segments
ILOALocation and account assignment data for the maintenance object
IHSGTable of permits for Plant Maintenance with long texts
IHPAEquipment Partners
FLEETFleet object-specific data for technical objects
T024IMaintenance planner groups
T370ZHistory-related fields
T370TEquipment categories
T370ULanguage-dependent texts for T370T

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Equipment Tables Details in SAP with Fields List


SAP EQUI Table stored the Equipment Master Data.

The Fields for EQUI Tables are:

EQUI Field Data Element Description
EQUNREQUNREquipment Number
ERDATERDATDate on which the record was created
ERNAMERNAMName of Person who Created the Object
EQASPEQASPLanguage in which the piece of equipment was entered
AENAMAENAMName of Person Who Changed Object
BEGRUIAUTGAuthorization Group for Technical Object
EQTYPEQTYPEquipment Category
EQARTEQARTType of Technical Object
LVORMRESERVE_CHAR_001SAP Development Reserve
INVNRINVNRInventory number
BRGEWOBJ_WEIGHTWeight of object
ANSDTANDTIAcquisition date
ANSWTANSWTAcquisition Value
ELIEFELIEFVendor number
GWLENGWLENDate on which the warranty ends
GWLDTGWLDTGuarantee date
WDBWTWDBWTEquipment replacement value
HERSTHERSTManufacturer of asset
HERLDHERLDCountry of manufacture
HZEINHZEINManufacturer drawing number
SERGESERGEManufacturer serial number
TYPBZTYPBZManufacturer model number
BAUJJBAUJJYear of construction
BAUMMBAUMMMonth of construction
APLKZAPLKZIndicator: Task List Exists
AULDTAULDTFirst delivery date of the equipment
INBDTILOM_DATABStart-up Date of the Technical Object
EQLFNEQLFNConsecutive numbering of EquipUsagePeriods on same day
GWLDVGWLDVWarranty date for Sales and Distribution
EQBEREQBERText for Notes
EQNUMEQNUMNumerical Field
OBJNRJ_OBJNRObject number
CUOBJCUOBJConfiguration (internal object number)
KRFKZKRFKZReferenced Configuration
KMATNKMATNConfigurable Material
MATNRMATNRMaterial Number
LAGERLGORT_DStorage location
KUNDEKUNDSECustomer to Whom Serial Number was Delivered
WARPLWARPLMaintenance Plan
REVLVREVLVRevision level
MGANRMGANRMaster warranty number
BEGRUIINH_BEGRUIData origin for authorization group field
S_SERIALKZKSDSerial data when maintaining equipment
S_KONFIKONFKNZConfiguration supported
S_SALESDKNZSales equipment
S_FHMFHMKZEquip. category relevant to production resources and tools
S_ELSEELSE_KNZIndicator: Other Data Active
S_FLEETFLEET_KNZIndicator: Fleet object active
BSTVPBSTVPStock Check for Serial Numbers
HANDLEITOBTMP_TSEGGUIDSAP Development Reserve: Integration of Date Segment (Key)
TSEGTPITOBTMP_TSEGTEMPLASAP Development Reserve: Integration Date Segment (Template)
EMATNEMATNMaterial number corresponding to manufacturer part number
ACT_CHANGE_AAAAPM_ACT_CHANGE_AAChange Equipment Master when Changing Asset
S_CCCCC_KNZConfiguration Control Data
DATLWBDATLWBDate of Last Goods Movement
UIIUII_CHAR72Unique Item Identifier
UII_PLANTUII_PLANTPlant Responsible for UII
EQEXT_ACTIVE/ISDFPS/DE_LM_DB_EQEXT_ACTIVEBackpack Table /isdfps/lmeqext Active

The fields may vary dependng on your SAP version or solution.?

SAP ?EQUZ Table (Equipment time segment)

The Second SAP Equipment Table is EQUZ.
The SAP Table EQUZ contains all the Equipment Time Segment. The EQUZ fields are:

EQUZ TableData ElementDescription
?EQUNREQUNREquipment Number
?EQLFNEQLFNConsecutive numbering of EquipUsagePeriods on same day
?EQUZNEQNNRNumber of next EquipUsagePeriod on same day
?ERDATERDATDate on which the record was created
?ERNAMERNAMName of Person who Created the Object
?AEDATAEDATLast Changed On
?AENAMAENAMName of Person Who Changed Object
?TIMBITIMBIEquipment usage period time stamp
?ESTAIRESERVE_CHAR_001SAP Development Reserve
?ESTAERESERVE_CHAR_004SAP Development reserve
?STNAMRESERVE_CHAR_012SAP Development Reserve
?LVORMRESERVE_CHAR_001SAP Development Reserve
?DATABDATABValid-From Date
?IWERKIWERKMaintenance Planning Plant
?IWERKIINHERData origin indicator
?SUBMTSUBMTConstruction Type Material of the Object
?MAPARMAPARManufacturer part number
?HEQUIHEQUISuperordinate Equipment
?HEQNRHEQNREquipment position at InstallLoc (Superior Equip./FunctLoc)
?INGRPINGRPPlanner Group for Customer Service and Plant Maintenance
?INGRPIINHERData origin indicator
?PM_OBJTYPM_OBJTYObject Type of CIM Resources for Work Center
?GEWRKLGWIDObject ID of the Work Center
?GEWRKIINHERData origin indicator
?TIDNRTIDNRTechnical identification number
?TIDNRIINHERData origin indicator
?ILOANILOANLocation and account assignment for technical object
?KUND1KUND1Customer No.
?KUND2KUND2End customer number
?LIZNRLIZNREquipment license number
?RBNRRBNRReport layout
?EZBEREQBERText for Notes
?EZNUMEQNUMNumerical Field
?RBNR_IINHERData origin indicator
?IBLNRIBLNRPhysical inventory document
?BLDATBLDATDocument Date in Document
?PVS_FOCUSPVS_GUID_CCCInternal Identification for PVS Objects
?PPEGUIDPVS_GUID_CCCInternal Identification for PVS Objects
?TECHSTECHSParameter Variant/Standard Variant
?FUNCIDCCC_FUNCIDFunction Identifier
?FRCFITCCC_FRCFITIndicator: Forced Installation/Dismantling
?FRCRMVCCC_FRCRMVForce Dismantling Flag