SAP Equipment Tables – Main List of Equipment Tables in SAP

SAP Equipement Tables details the main Tables for Equipment Master Data in SAP and especially in SAP PM (Plant Maintenance).
First we will start with the main Tables List, then we will go deeper for the top SAP Equipment Tables.

What a SAP Equipment in SAP PM ?

Let first define what an Equipment in SAP ?

The business object “Equipment” is an individual, physical object that is to be maintained independently. It can be installed in a technical system or part of a technical system.
You can manage all types of device as pieces of equipment (for example, production utilities, transportation utilities, test equipment, production resources/tools, buildings, PCs).

Since many of these physical objects are managed as “assets” in Asset Management, the term “piece of equipment” was chosen for objects defined from a technical perspective, in order to avoid confusion with the activated tangible assets.

You define and manage each piece of equipment in the Plant Maintenance (PM) System in a separate master record and can set up an individual maintenance history for each one. (source)

Main SAP Equipment Tables

The most important Tables for SAP Equipment are:

SAP Equipment Table Description
EQUI Equipment master data
EQKT Multilingual equipment short texts & ?long texts and internal remarks
EQUZ Equipment time segments
ILOA Location and account assignment data for the maintenance object
IHSG Table of permits for Plant Maintenance with long texts
IHPA Equipment Partners
FLEET Fleet object-specific data for technical objects
T024I Maintenance planner groups
T370Z History-related fields
T370T Equipment categories
T370U Language-dependent texts for T370T

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Further Reading on SAP Equipment on SAP PM

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Equipment Tables Details in SAP with Fields List


SAP EQUI Table stored the Equipment Master Data.

The Fields for EQUI Tables are:

EQUI Field Data Element Description
EQUNR EQUNR Equipment Number
ERDAT ERDAT Date on which the record was created
ERNAM ERNAM Name of Person who Created the Object
EQASP EQASP Language in which the piece of equipment was entered
AEDAT AEDAT Last Changed On
AENAM AENAM Name of Person Who Changed Object
BEGRU IAUTG Authorization Group for Technical Object
EQTYP EQTYP Equipment Category
EQART EQART Type of Technical Object
LVORM RESERVE_CHAR_001 SAP Development Reserve
INVNR INVNR Inventory number
GROES GROSS Size/dimension
BRGEW OBJ_WEIGHT Weight of object
GEWEI WEIGHT_UNIT Unit of weight
ANSDT ANDTI Acquisition date
ANSWT ANSWT Acquisition Value
WAERS WAERS Currency Key
ELIEF ELIEF Vendor number
GWLEN GWLEN Date on which the warranty ends
GWLDT GWLDT Guarantee date
WDBWT WDBWT Equipment replacement value
HERST HERST Manufacturer of asset
HERLD HERLD Country of manufacture
HZEIN HZEIN Manufacturer drawing number
SERGE SERGE Manufacturer serial number
TYPBZ TYPBZ Manufacturer model number
BAUJJ BAUJJ Year of construction
BAUMM BAUMM Month of construction
APLKZ APLKZ Indicator: Task List Exists
AULDT AULDT First delivery date of the equipment
INBDT ILOM_DATAB Start-up Date of the Technical Object
GERNR GERNR Serial Number
EQLFN EQLFN Consecutive numbering of EquipUsagePeriods on same day
GWLDV GWLDV Warranty date for Sales and Distribution
EQBER EQBER Text for Notes
EQNUM EQNUM Numerical Field
OBJNR J_OBJNR Object number
CUOBJ CUOBJ Configuration (internal object number)
KRFKZ KRFKZ Referenced Configuration
KMATN KMATN Configurable Material
MATNR MATNR Material Number
SERNR GERNR Serial Number
LAGER LGORT_D Storage location
KUNDE KUNDSE Customer to Whom Serial Number was Delivered
WARPL WARPL Maintenance Plan
REVLV REVLV Revision level
MGANR MGANR Master warranty number
BEGRUI INH_BEGRUI Data origin for authorization group field
S_SERIAL KZKSD Serial data when maintaining equipment
S_KONFI KONFKNZ Configuration supported
S_SALE SDKNZ Sales equipment
S_FHM FHMKZ Equip. category relevant to production resources and tools
S_ELSE ELSE_KNZ Indicator: Other Data Active
S_FLEET FLEET_KNZ Indicator: Fleet object active
BSTVP BSTVP Stock Check for Serial Numbers
HANDLE ITOBTMP_TSEGGUID SAP Development Reserve: Integration of Date Segment (Key)
TSEGTP ITOBTMP_TSEGTEMPLA SAP Development Reserve: Integration Date Segment (Template)
EMATN EMATN Material number corresponding to manufacturer part number
ACT_CHANGE_AA AAPM_ACT_CHANGE_AA Change Equipment Master when Changing Asset
S_CC CCC_KNZ Configuration Control Data
DATLWB DATLWB Date of Last Goods Movement
UII UII_CHAR72 Unique Item Identifier
UII_PLANT UII_PLANT Plant Responsible for UII
EQEXT_ACTIVE /ISDFPS/DE_LM_DB_EQEXT_ACTIVE Backpack Table /isdfps/lmeqext Active

The fields may vary dependng on your SAP version or solution.?

SAP ?EQUZ Table (Equipment time segment)

The Second SAP Equipment Table is EQUZ.
The SAP Table EQUZ contains all the Equipment Time Segment. The EQUZ fields are:

EQUZ Table Data Element Description
?EQUNR EQUNR Equipment Number
?DATBI DATBI Valid To Date
?EQLFN EQLFN Consecutive numbering of EquipUsagePeriods on same day
?EQUZN EQNNR Number of next EquipUsagePeriod on same day
?ERDAT ERDAT Date on which the record was created
?ERNAM ERNAM Name of Person who Created the Object
?AEDAT AEDAT Last Changed On
?AENAM AENAM Name of Person Who Changed Object
?TIMBI TIMBI Equipment usage period time stamp
?ESTAI RESERVE_CHAR_001 SAP Development Reserve
?ESTAE RESERVE_CHAR_004 SAP Development reserve
?STNAM RESERVE_CHAR_012 SAP Development Reserve
?LVORM RESERVE_CHAR_001 SAP Development Reserve
?DATAB DATAB Valid-From Date
?IWERK IWERK Maintenance Planning Plant
?IWERKI INHER Data origin indicator
?SUBMT SUBMT Construction Type Material of the Object
?MAPAR MAPAR Manufacturer part number
?HEQUI HEQUI Superordinate Equipment
?HEQNR HEQNR Equipment position at InstallLoc (Superior Equip./FunctLoc)
?INGRP INGRP Planner Group for Customer Service and Plant Maintenance
?INGRPI INHER Data origin indicator
?PM_OBJTY PM_OBJTY Object Type of CIM Resources for Work Center
?GEWRK LGWID Object ID of the Work Center
?GEWRKI INHER Data origin indicator
?TIDNR TIDNR Technical identification number
?TIDNRI INHER Data origin indicator
?ILOAN ILOAN Location and account assignment for technical object
?KUND1 KUND1 Customer No.
?KUND2 KUND2 End customer number
?KUND3 KUND3 Operator
?LIZNR LIZNR Equipment license number
?RBNR RBNR Report layout
?EZBER EQBER Text for Notes
?EZNUM EQNUM Numerical Field
?RBNR_I INHER Data origin indicator
?IBLNR IBLNR Physical inventory document
?BLDAT BLDAT Document Date in Document
?PVS_FOCUS PVS_GUID_CCC Internal Identification for PVS Objects
?PPEGUID PVS_GUID_CCC Internal Identification for PVS Objects
?TECHS TECHS Parameter Variant/Standard Variant
?FUNCID CCC_FUNCID Function Identifier
?FRCFIT CCC_FRCFIT Indicator: Forced Installation/Dismantling
?FRCRMV CCC_FRCRMV Force Dismantling Flag

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