Main SAP Sales Order Table in SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution )

SAP Sales Order Table post will contain the list of important tables for Sales Order.
First we will list the main tables, then the whole list of Sales Document related tables in SAP.

SAP Sales Order Table

Main SAP Order Tables

The main tables for Sales Order Tables are:

  • VBAK: Sales Order Document Header
  • VBAP: Item for Sales Order Data
  • VBPA: SAP Sales Document Partenaires

All SAP Order Table List

The following SO SAP Tables List contains all related tables for Sales Order. These Tables store all the information for Sales Order.
Here the list of Sales Order Tables in SAP SD ( Sales and Distribution).

SAP Sales Order Table Description
VBSK Collective Processing for a Sales Document
VBSN Change status relating to scheduling agreement
VBSP SD Document Item for Models of Material
VBSS Collective Processing: Sales Documents
VBUK Sales Document: Header Status and Administration
VBUP SAP Sales Document: Item Status
VBRK Billing Document: Header Data
VBRL Sales Document: Invoice List
VBRP Billing Document: Item Data
VBAG Sales Document: Release Data by Schedule lines
VBAK Sales Document: Header Data
VBAP SAP Sales Document: Item Data
VBBE Sales Requirements: Individual Records
VBBPA Sales Document: Partner
VBBS SAP Sales Requirement Totals Record
VBEH Schedule line history
VBEP Sales Document: Schedule Line Data
VBFA Sales Document Flow
VBFS Error Log for Collective Processing
VBHDR Update header
VBKA Sales Activities
VBKD Sales Document: Business Data
VBKK SD Doc.Export Letter of Credit
VBKOF SAP SD index: Open sales activities
VBKPA SD index: Sales activities by partner function
VBKPF Document Header for Document Parking
VBLB Sales document: Release order data
VBLK SD Document: Delivery Note Header
VBMOD Update function modules
VBMUE Sales Document: Characteristic Overview
VBMUET SAP Sales Document: Characteristic Overview D
VBMUEZ Sales Document: Characteristic Overview A
VBOX SD Document: Billing Document: Rebate Ind.
VBPA Sales Document: Partner
VBPA2 Sales document: Partner (used several times)
VBPA3 Tax Numbers for One-Time Customers
VBPK Sales Document: Product Proposal Header
VBPM Supplement for Sales Document Items
VBPV Sales Document: Product Proposal
VBREF SD Object Link to Item References

source: Sales Order Tables (scn)

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