List of Important SAP Material Types in SAP MM

SAP Material Types in SAP MM are classified using Material Type and Material Category. Let’s focus on SAP Material Types here.

First, we will define what’s a SAP Material Types ? Then we will list the standard types in SAP ECC.

The next section covers the technical side of SAP Material Types. Finally, we present the way how to create a custom/new SAP Material Types.

What is SAP Material Types ?

Materials with the same basic attributes are grouped together and assigned to a material type.
This allows you to manage different materials in a uniform manner in accordance with your company’s requirements.

When creating a material master record, you must assign the material to a material type. The SAP material types determine certain attributes of the material and has important control functions.

For example, it is a factor determining the screen sequence and field selection in a material master record. (source)

You can find more information about SAP Material and SAP MM ( Material Management ) in the following books:

List of Standard SAP Material Types ?

SAP ECC ( in particular in SAP MM Material Management Module) offers a list of filled value for Material Types for the most used types in the industries.

Here the common Standard SAP Material Types are:

SAP MM Material Types Description
ABF Waste
CBAU Compatible Unit
CH00 CH Contract Handling
CONT Kanban Container
COUP Coupons
DIEN Service
EPA Equipment Package
ERSA Spare Parts
FERT Finished Product
FGTR Beverages
FHMI Production Resource/Tool
FOOD Foods (excl. perishables)
FRIP Perishables
HALB Semifinished Product
HAWA Trading Goods
HERS Manufacturer Part
HIBE Operating supplies
IBAU Maintenance assemblies
INTR Intra materials
KMAT Configurable materials
LEER Empties
LEIH Returnable packaging
LGUT Empties (retail)
MODE Apparel (seasonal)
MPO Material Planning Object
NLAG Non-stock materials
NOF1 Nonfoods
PIPE Pipeline materials
PLAN Trading goods (planned)
PROC Process materials
PROD Product groups
ROH Raw materials
UNBW Nonvaluated materials
VERP Packaging
VKHM Additionals
VOLL Full products
WERB Product catalogs
WERT Value-only materials
WETT Competitor products

SAP Tables & Tcodes for Material Types ?

The type of Material is set on MARA-MTART.

The Material Type is configured in the table T134 (Material Types).
The description of the type can be found on T134TTable.

Check also The Main Important SAP Material Master Tables ( Data & Customizing ) and SAP MM Tcodes and Tables (Material Management Module)

How to create a SAP Custom Material Types ?

In order to create a new SAP Material Type in, go to the Material Master menu,
Choose Start of the navigation path Material Next navigation step Create (special) Next navigation step < Next navigation :
step material type End of the navigation path >.

The initial screen appears for creating a material master record of the SAP Material Types chosen.

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