SAP Material Types List in SAP MM

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SAP Material Types in SAP MM are classified using Material Type and Material Category. Let’s focus on SAP Material Types here.

First, we will define what’s a SAP Material Types ? Then we will list the standard types in SAP ECC.

The next section covers the technical side of SAP Material Types. Finally, we present the way how to create a custom/new SAP Material Types.

What is SAP Material Types ?

Materials with the same basic attributes are grouped together and assigned to a material type.
This allows you to manage different materials in a uniform manner in accordance with your company’s requirements.

When creating a material master record, you must assign the material to a material type. The SAP material types determine certain attributes of the material and have important control functions.

For example, it is a factor determining the screen sequence and field selection in a material master record. (source)

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List of Standard SAP Material Types ?

SAP ECC ( in particular in SAP MM Material Management Module) offers a list of filled value for Material Types for the most used types in the industries.

Here the common Standard SAP Material Types are:

SAP MM Material TypesDescription
CBAUCompatible Unit
CH00CH Contract Handling
CONTKanban Container
EPAEquipment Package
ERSASpare Parts
FERTFinished Product
FHMIProduction Resource/Tool
FOODFoods (excl. perishables)
HALBSemifinished Product
HAWATrading Goods
HERSManufacturer Part
HIBEOperating supplies
IBAUMaintenance assemblies
INTRIntra materials
KMATConfigurable materials
LEIHReturnable packaging
LGUTEmpties (retail)
MODEApparel (seasonal)
MPOMaterial Planning Object
NLAGNon-stock materials
PIPEPipeline materials
PLANTrading goods (planned)
PROCProcess materials
PRODProduct groups
ROHRaw materials
UNBWNonvaluated materials
VOLLFull products
WERBProduct catalogs
WERTValue-only materials
WETTCompetitor products

SAP Tables & Tcodes for Material Types ?

The type of Material is set onMARA-MTART.

The Material Type is configured in the tableT134(Material Types).
The description of the type can be found onT134TTable.

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How to create a SAP Custom Material Types ?

In order to create a new SAP Material Type in, go to the Material Master menu,
Choose Start of the navigation path Material Next navigation step Create (special) Next navigation step < Next navigation :
step material type End of the navigation path >.

The initial screen appears for creating a material master record of the SAP Material Types chosen.