SAP MC94 Tcode – Change Flexible LIS Planning

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SAP MC94 Tcode

SAP MC94 Tcode (Change Flexible LIS Planning) is classified in the Production Planning and Control module under application component Sales Plan and runs R/3 application development: Sales & Operations Planning program SAPMMCP6 upon execution.

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What is the SAP MC94 Tcode used for?

MC94 is the transcation which relates to SAP MC93 to create sales/prod plan based on the standard SOP planning types like SOPKAPA (plan individual product group) , SOPKAPAM (Plan individual material) and SOPDIS (disintegrate product group).

You can also create Zplanning types in customizing and use for the planing purpose.

Once you create this planning then this will be in inactive version and you can transport this to demand management from MC74 transcation or you can copy this active version so this will be available automatically in demand management. (source:

Enhancement & User exit for SAP Tcode MC94

SAP MC94 User Exit Before Update

The UserExit for MC94 transaction code can be found in

  • Main Program: SAPMMCP6
  • Include Program: include mmcp6fc0. “FORM-Routinen Buchstabe C

This UserExit is triggered before Update.

Here the code source for exit within the include ZXSOPU11 in other to have an idea of the signature:

Form call_user_exit_before_update
                tables cu_details_of_etab structure indx "
                       cu_data_records structure indx "
                using  cu_rmcp2

call customer-function '011'
        i_rmcp2 = cu_rmcp2
        i_action = cu_action
        i_param_id = 'MC94'
        t_details_of_etab = cu_details_of_etab
        t_data_records = cu_data_records
        others = 0.


Meanwhile, you will need to create a project using CMOD transaction and select the enhancement ‘MCP20011’.

Enhancement for SAP MC94

Here the list of SAP Transaction code MC94:

MC94 Enhancement Description
MCP20026 Planning hierarchy tool: Enhancement of characteristics
MCP20025 User Exit for Saving Forecasts
MCP20024 User Exit for Inputing forecast parameters
MCP20023 User Exit for Checking Duplicate Char. Combinations
MCP20022 User Exit for Displaying Forecast Results
MCP20021 User exit for modifying parameter when transferring f.reqts
MCP20020 User exit for reading info structure when transferring reqts
MCP20018 User Exit for Enhancing a Level of a Planning Hierarchy
MCP20017 User Exit for Influencing Key Figure Block
MCP20015 User exit to set the field names material/plant PBED
MCP20014 User Exit for Changing Line Text
MCP20013 User Exit for Once-Only Change to Planning Table
MCP20012 User Exit for Excluding Function Codes
MCP20011 User Exit for Processing Data Records to be Updated
MCP20010 OTB check in the purchase order
MCP20009 Extrapolation of Invoiced Sales for OTB
MCP20008 Order processing treatment from Idocs
MCP20007 User Exit for Customer-Defined F4 – Value Request Control
MCP20006 Exit for processing header info for download in Excel
MCP20005 User exit for authorization check in planning
MCP20004 SOP: design header information for flexible planning
MCP20003 SOP: create function code for flexible planning
MCP20001 User exit to read external data for planning table

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