SAP PP Tables – Important Production Planning Tables in SAP PP

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SAP PP Tables: SAP PP is the SAP Module for SAP Production Planning. In this post, you will find the SAP PP Main Tables classified by SAP PP Topics.

The topics covered for the most import SAP PP Tables are:

  • Work Center
  • Routings/Operations
  • Bill of material
  • Production Orders
  • PRT Production Orders
  • Planned Orders
  • Reservations
  • Capacity Planning
  • Planned Independent Requirements

SAP PP Tables for Work Center

Operations are carried out at a work center. In the R/3 System work centers are business objects that can represent the following real work centers, for example:

  • Machines, machine groups
  • Production lines
  • Assembly work centers
  • Employees, groups of employees

The important tables name for Work Center in SAP?Production Planning (PP) are:

Table Description
CRHH Work center hierarchy
CRHS Hierarchy structure
CRHD Work center header
CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool
CRCO Assignment of Work Center to Cost Center
KAKO Capacity Header Segment
CRCA Work Center Capacity Allocation
TC24 Person responsible for the work center

SAP PP Tables for Routings/Operations

The routing lists the operations needed to manufacture a product. It specifies the following for each operation:

  • The work center at which the operation is carried out
  • Which default values are to be used to calculate the dates, capacities, and production costs
  • Whether the costs of an operation are taken into account for costing
  • The material components needed to carry out an operation

In repetitive manufacturing, you can use rate routings in addition to normal routings and reference operation sets.

SAP PP Master Data Tables

Table Description
MAPL Allocation of task lists to materials
PLAS Task list : selection of operations/activities
PLFH Task list :production resources/tools
PLFL Task list : sequences
PLKO Task list :header
PLKZ Task list: main header
PLPH Phases / suboperations
PLPO Task list operation / activity
PLPR Log collector for tasklists
PLMZ Allocation of BOM :items to operations

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SAP PP Tables for Bill of material (BOM)

List of all materials required in a process together with the quantities required.

SAP PP Master Data Tables for SAP BOM ( Bill of Material ) for SAP Production Planning are:

Table Description
STKO BOM :?header
STPO BOM :?item
STAS BOMs :?Item Selection
STPN BOMs?:?follow-up control
STPU BOM :?sub-item
STZU Permanent BOM data
PLMZ Allocation of BOM :items to operations
MAST Material to BOM link
KDST Sales order to BOM link

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SAP PP Tables for Production Orders

A production order defines which material is to be processed, at which location, at what time and how much work is required. It also defines which resources are to be used and how the order costs are to be settled.

Table Description
AUFK Production order headers
AFIH Maintenance order header
AUFM Goods movement for prod. order
AFKO Order header data PP orders
AFPO Order item
RESB Order componenten
AFVC Order operations
AFVV Quantities/dates/values in the operation
AFVU User fields of the operation
AFFL Work order sequence
AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order(routing)
JSTO Status profile
JEST Object status
AFRU Order completion confirmations

SAP PP Tables for PRT Production Orders

In SAP PP, PRT stands for?Production Resources and Tools (PRTs).

The R/3 System differentiates between the following types of production resources/tools, according to their properties and business function:

  • Materials that are accounted for in materials management, for instance in inventory management, requirements planning and procurement.
  • Equipment that is serviced, for example measuring instruments or valuable tools
  • Documents that use the document management system, for example drawings or programs
  • Miscellaneous production resources/tools (with a PRT master record) that require less maintenance in the system
Table Description
AFFH PRT assignment data for the work order
CRVD_A Link of PRT to Document
DRAW Document Info Record
TDWA Document Types
TDWD Data Carrier/Network Nodes
TDWE Data Carrier Type

SAP PP Tables for Planned Orders

A planned order is sent to a plant and is an MRP request for the procurement of a particular material at a determined time. It specifies when the inward material movement should be made and the quantity of material that is expected.

Table Description
PLAF Planned orders

SAP PP Tables for KANBAN

The KANBAN method for controlling production and material flow is based on the actual stock quantity in production.

Table Description
PKPS Kanban identification control cycle
PKHD Kanban control cycle (header data)
PKER Error log for Kanban containers

SAP PP Tables for Reservations

With this component, you make a request to the warehouse to keep materials ready for withdrawal at a later date and for a certain purpose. This simplifies and accelerates the goods receipt process.

A reservation for goods issue can be requested by various departments for various account assignment objects (such as cost center, order, asset, etc.).

Table Description
RESB Material reservations
RKPF Header

SAP PP Tables for Capacity Planning

The economic use of resources is an objective for many areas of a company. The component “Capacity Planning” is available in the R/3 System for this purpose.

Capacity planning supports planning in all its phases:

  • long-term rough-cut planning
  • medium-term planning
  • short-term detailed planning
Table Description
KBKO Header record for capacity requirements
KBED Capacity requirements records
KBEZ Add. data for table KBED (for indiv. capacities/splits)

SAP PP Tables for Planned Independent Requirements PIR

Planned independent requirements are used to perform Demand Managment functions. A planned independent requirement contains one planned quantity and one date, or a number of planned independent requirements schedule lines, that is, one planned quantity split over time according to dates.

Table Description
PBED Independent requirement data
PBHI Independent requirement history
PBIV Independent requirement index
PBIC Independent requirement index for customer req.

SAP PP Links and Relationship tables

The important SAP Production Planning Tables for PP links and Relationship are:

Table Description
AFFH_PRTassignment data for the work order
CRVD_ALink of PRT to Document
CRVD_BLink of Document to PRT
CRVE_AAssignment PRT data – equipment
CRVE_BAssignment equipment – PRT data
CRVM_ALink of PRT data to a material
CRVS_ARelationship of PRT internal number to PRT external number
CRVS_BRelationship of PRT external number to PRT internal number

SAP PP PRT Customizing Table

SAP Production Planning Table for PRT Customizing are:

Table Description
TCF02PRT categories
TCF03Texts for the production resources/tools category
TCF04 Status of the PRT master
TCF05 Language-dependent text table for PRT status
TCF06 Field groups in the PRT master for reference
TCF07 Language-dependent texts for field groups in PRT master
TCF08 Assignment of PRT master fields to field groups
TCF10 PRT control key
TCF11 Language-dependent text table for PRT control keys
TCF12 PRT group key
TCF13 Language-dependent text table for PRT group keys

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