SAP BOM Tables for BOM Header, Items and components and Category

SAP BOM Tables details how SAP BOM ( Bill Of Material ) are stored in database.

It helps understanding how to retrieve BOM Data or check Bill of Material Data.

The article about bom table in sap will start with the important SAP BOM Tables then a short help how to retrieve SAP BOM Data.

What BOM ?

A bill of materials or product structure (sometimes bill of material, BOM or associated list) is a list of the raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product. (source: wiki )

SAP BOM Tables

Let’s start by the Most important SAP BOM Related Tables.

The main SAP Tables for BOM ( Bill Of Material ) are:

SAP BOM Tables Description
STAS BOMs – Item Selection
MAST Material to BOM Link
MARC Plant Data for Material
MARA General Material Data
MAKT Material Descriptions
CABN Characteristic
USR21 Assign user name address key
ADRP Persons (Business Address Services)

SAP BOM Retrieve Data

This part will help you through data extraction for SAP Material and SAP BOMSAP BOM Tables for BOM Header, Items and components and Category 1.

Retrieve SAP Material Data

As you already know, the main table for material are MARA, MARC and MAKT.

Find the full list forSAP Material Master Tables.

Here how to extract some Material important fields to prepare BOM Data

BOM Keys SAP BOM Join condition
Material Number MARA-MATNR
Material TypeMARA-MTART

SAP BOM – Engineering

First, Start by retrieving the BOM link from SAP Table MAST. The MAST table stores theMaterial to BOM Link.

Some of keys fields for Material BOM Link are:

MAST Keys Description
MATNR Material Number
STLNR Bill of Material


BOM Usage defines in which process the Material is linked to the BOM.

In order to get all value of STLAN ( BOM usage ), go to SAP Table T146 .

T146: SAP BOM Usage Table

So the BOM usage can be :

4Plant maintenance
5Sales and distribution
RRework (copy of production)

SAP BOM Header

Once the Material Link to BOM is retrieved, the field MAST-STLNR will have the BOM number and the Alternative BOM is on MAST-STLAL.


To Read BOM Header, select on table STKO

STKO SAP BOM Header Table

The main fields for BOM keys are:

SAP BOM Header Description
STLTY BOM category
STLNR Bill of material
STLAL Alternative BOM
STKOZ Internal counter

SAP BOM Category

Functionality, there is no better than to get the definition of BOM Categories.

Technically, the BOM Category is set on Fixed value of STLTY domain in the SAP DDIC.

List of SAP Bill-of-Material Category List

SAP BOM Category can be :

BOM Category Description
DDocument Structure
EEquipment BOM
KOrder BOM
MMaterial BOM
SStandard BOM
TFunctional Location BOM
PWork Breakdown Structure BOM

In order to Link BOM with different Objects depending on SAP BOM Categories

SAP BOM Tables: BOM Categories Links


Read BOM items details for STPO. Join on


here a list of some important fields for BOM items

BOM Items keys Description
STLTYBOM category
STLNR Bill of material
STLKNBOM item node number
STPOZInternal counter
DATUVValid-From Date
ANDDATValid-to Date
TECHVTechnical status from
LKENZ BOM Item Deletion Indicator
IDNRKBOM component
PSWRKIssuing plant
POSTP Item Category (Bill of Material)
POSNR BOM Item Number
MEINS Component unit of measure
MENGE Component quantity

SAP BOM Items Categories

A BOM Items Category can be ( STPO-POSTP )

BOM Item Category Description
CCompatible Unit
DDocument item
IPM structure element
KClass item
LStock item
NNon-stock item
R Variable-size item
TText item

All Values are in the SAP reference tableT418.

SAP BOM Texts Tables

Check the SAP Table STZUin order to read BOM.

Retrieve data with keys STLTY BOM category andSTLNR Bill of material, the SAP BOM Text is set on

STZU-LTXSP for language of text

Here it is the main SAP BOM Tables covering the data model of BOM ( Bill-of-materials ) and the BOM tables for BOM’s header, BOM Items, BOM Category and BOM text.

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