SAP BOM Main Tcodes

SAP BOM regroups all the main SAP PP BOM Tcodes to easy navigate to SAP BOM Functionality.
The SAP Tcodes are grouped by topics: BOM Action, BOM Group, BOM Allocation, Standard & WBS BOM, Change Document for SAP BOM and Ranges customizing Tcodes.

Let’s start with a short definition for a BOM.

BOM stands for Bill-of-Materials. In SAP, BOM is the list of all materials required for a process with the required quantities par materials. *

SAP BOM Main Tcodes

All SAP BOM Tcodes starts with CS**.

CS00 : BOM Menu
CS01 : Create Material BOM
CS02 : Change Material BOM
CS03 : Display Material BOM

Material BOM Group

CS05 : Change Material BOM Group
CS06 : Display Material BOM Group

Alternativety, to modify SAP Material BOM Group, you can navigate to
Logistics > Production > Master Data > Bills of Material > Bill of Material > Material BOM > BOM Group?

There is a differance between BOM Group and Group BOM.
Actually, BOM Group? is collection of Materials enabling you to describe similar products ( for sample, variants of BOM can be set as BOM Group)
Group BOM is a a BOM without plant assignment requirement while creating the BOM. It can be assigned later to a plant.

SAP BOM Allocation

All maintenance Bills of Materials (BOM) are valid for a specified maintenance Planning plant. It is their area of Validity.

CS07 : Allocate Material BOM To Plant
CS08 : Change Material BOM ? Plant Allocation
CS09 : Display Allocations To Plant

SAP BOM Display Tcodes

CS11 : Display BOM Level By Level
CS12 : Multilevel BOM
CS13 : Summarized BOM
CS14 : BOM Comparison
CS15 : Single-Level Where-Used List

SAP Material BOM Change Tcodes

CS20 : Mass Change: Initial Screen
CS21 : Mass Material Change: Initial Screen
CS22 : Mass Document Change: Initial Screen
CS23 : Mass Class Change: Initial Screen

BOM Archiving, Deletion and Retrieval

CS25 : Archiving For BOMs
CS26 : BOM Deletion
CS27 : Retrieval Of BOMs
CS28 : Archiving For BOMs

SAP Class BOM Tcodes

CS31 : Create Class BOM
CS32 : Change Class BOM
CS33 : Display Class BOM
CS40 : Create Link To Configurable Material
CS41 : Change Material Configuration?Allocation
CS42 : Display Material Configuration?Assignment

SAP Standard BOM Tcodes

CS51 : Create Standard BOM
CS52 : Change Standard BOM
CS53 : Display Standard BOM
CS61 : Create Order BOM
CS62 : Change Order BOM
CS63 : Display Order BOM


CS71 : Create WBS BOM
CS72 : Change WBS BOM
CS73 : Display WBS BOM
CS74 : Create Multi-Level WBS?BOM
CS75 : Change Multi-Level WBS?BOM
CS76 : Display Multi-Level WBS?BOM

Change Document for Material BOM

CS80 : Change Documents For Material BOM
CS81 : Change Documents For Standard BOM
CS82 : Change Documents For Sales Order BOM
CS83 : Change Documents For WBS?BOM
CS84 : Change Documents For Class BOM

SAP BOM Ranges Customizing Tcodes

CS90 : Material BOM Number Ranges
CS91 : Number Ranges For Standard BOMs
CS92 : Number Ranges For Sales Order BOMs