The most Important SAP Work Center Tables in SAP PP

Work center consists of master data related to routing of products. It contains data related to scheduling, capacity planning, and production costing.

Find here the most important SAP Work Center Tables in SAP.

What Work Center in SAP ?

Operations are carried out at a work center.

In the SAP system work centers are business objects that can represent the following real work centers, for example:

  • Machines, machine groups
  • Production lines
  • Assembly work centers
  • Employees, groups of employees

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SAP Work Center Tables

The main SAP Work Center Tables are:

SAP Work Center Table Description
CRHD Workcenter Header Data
CRCA Workcenter Capacity Allocation
CRCO Workcenter Cost Center Assignment
CRHH Hierarchy Header
CRHS Hierarchy Structure
CRTX Workcenter Text
TC30 and TC30A Work Center Category=20

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Related Work Center Tables in SAP

All Tables can be useful for Work Center in SAP.

The list of these Tables:

SAP Work Center Table Description
WPSORR Conversion rules for?work?centers
VERTE Assignment of CAPP processes to?work?centers
CRMC_UI_NB_A_WC Assign?Work?Centers?To Navigation Bar Profile
LPO_INTMODEL_WC Integration model LPO: Integrated?Work?centers
TCLOI5 Method for Planned Order Selection by?WorkCenters
T7CO06 Working?centers?and occupational hazard percentages
CRMC_UI_WCLG_AWC Work?Center Link Group Link Assignment – Work?Centers
AFAB Network?- Relationships
TC23 Key for use of the?work?center in the task lists
T410 Engineering?Workbench: Working area
S024 Totals Records for?Work?Center
PRPS WBS (Work?Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data
S022 SFIS: Order Operation Data for?Work?Center
KPER Period Values for?Workforce Planning
CRCA Work?Center Capacity Allocation
QEWL QM Handheld:?Worklist for Transfer
SMWF Information on?Workflow Worklists
GCAB GBC:?Worklist
AFFH PRT assignment data for the?work?order
AFFL Work?order sequence
CRCO Assignment of?Work?Center to Cost Center
EFRM Print?Workbench: Application Forms
PLTX PS Texts (Library Network)
CRTX Text for the?Work?Center or Production Resource/Tool
NPTX PS Texts (Network)
CRHD Work?Center Header

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