All you need to know about SAP Cost Center Tcodes, Tables and BAPI

All you need to know about SAP Cost Center Tcodes, Tables and BAPI

SAP cost Center: this post will guide through Cost Center in SAP in a technical Overview.

The Related SAP Tables and BAPI for Cost Center display, retrieve and maintain will be exposed. 

SAP Cost Center Tcodes

If you are looking for a specific tcodes for SAP CC, check the following list for CC Tcodes and related transaction Cost Center in SAP:

SAP Cost Center Basic Setting Tcodes

The List of SAP Cost Center Transaction Codes for Basic Settings are:

Tcode Basic Settings
KS01 Creation of Cost Center
KSH1 Creation of Cost Center Group
F-02 Posting of Transactions in FI
KSB1 To View Cost Center Wise Report
KB61 Repost CO Line Items
KB11N Repost Costs
KP06 Planning Wise
S_ALR_87013611 To View Cost Center Wise Variance Report
OKENN Display Standard Hierarchy
OKEON Change Standard Hierarchy
KSB5 Display Cost Center Accounting Document

SAP Cost Center tcodes for Activity types

The Activity Types for Cost Center can be handled using the SAP Tcodes:

Tcode TCode For Activity Types
KL01 Creation of Activity Types
KLH1 Creation of Activity Type Groups
KB21N Enter Activity Allocation

Also check SAP Profit Center Tcodes (Transaction Codes): PCA, Group and Hierarchy

SAP CC Codes  For Statistical Key Figures

Statistical Key Figures Tcodes for Cost Center in SAP are:

SAP Tcodes Transaction Code For Statistical Key Figures
KK01 Creation of Statistical Key Figures
KBH1 Creation of Statistical Key Figures Groups
KB31N Enter Statistical Key Figures

SAP Cost center Tcodes for Overhead Assessment

The SAP Overhead Assessment Cost Center Transaction Codes are:

Sap Tcodes TCode For Overhead Assessment
KA06 Creation of Secondary Cost Element – 42
KSU1 Creation of Assessment Cycle
KSU5 Overhead Assessment

SAP CC Overhead Distribution Tcodes

The main Tcodes for Cost Center Overhead Distribution are:

Tcode TCode For CC Overhead Distribution
KSV1 Creation of Distribution Cycle
KSV5 Overhead Distribution

SAP Cost Center BAPI

The Main SAP Cost Center BAPI are:

  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL: helps retrieve all detail about a SAP cost center
  • BAPI_COSTCENTERGROUP_GETDETAIL: can be used to find cost centers in a group use this bapi
  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Cost Centers
  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL Detailed Information About Cost Center For Key Date
  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL1 Detail Information for Cost Center on Key Date (1)
  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST List of Cost Centers Using Selection Criteria
  • BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST1 List of Cost Centers for Selection Criteria (1)
  • BAPI_CTR_GETACTALLOCATIONTYPES Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ.
  • BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYPRICES Read prices for cost center/activity type according to selection
  • BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYQUANTITIES Rad plan activity/capacity/scheduled activity for cost center/acty type
  • BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYTYPES List of cost centers / activity types with control information


Here an other SAP Standard function K_GROUP_SELECT to read detail of SAP cost center.

It is more generic and it can use to read SAP WBS element or even SAP Profit Center data.

SAP Cost Center Tables

Regarding SAP Cost Center Data Model. The main Table for Cost center is CSKU.

Here the list of Top 3 SAP Cost Center Tables are:

CSKTCost Center Texts
CSKUCost Element Texts
CSKVResource texts

Check also List of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables)


So Cost Element Table in SAP is CSKU.

Check also try to use SETLEAF Table with

  • Cost Center group in SAP : setclass = 0101
  • WBS Element group : setclass = 0110
  • SAP Profit Center Group : setclass = 0106

SAP Cost Centers Group Table and Description

In addition to CSKS-KOSTL for Cost Center, the field CSKS-KHINR – it is cost center group.

You will have the description in CSKT-KTEXT

SAP Cost Center Report

Within the important SAP Cost Center Report check the SAP Standard report RKACSHOW  to Display CO Cost Segments.

Read more about SAP Cost Centers Master Data.
Here a nice article worth to read for Cost Center in SAP

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