List of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables)

SAP FI Tables regroups the list of the main tables for Finance Module in SAP. The SAP Finance tables list are classified by topics to easy find the relevant tables you are looking for.?

SAP FI List of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 1Tables: Master Data

SAP Tables for G/L Accounts

G/L account master records contain the data that is always needed by the General Ledger to determine the account’s function. The G/L account master records control the posting of accounting transactions to G/L accounts and the processing of the posting data. (source)

SAP G/L Accounts Tables Description Main Fields
SKA1 ? G/L Accounts (Chart of Accounts) KTOPL /SAKNR
SKAT ?Description G/L Accounts (Chart of Accounts)
SKB1 G/L Accounts (Company Code) ?BUKRS / SAKNR
SKM1 ?Sample G/L accounts
SKMT ?Sample G/L accounts ?Text
SKAS G/L Account Master (Chart of Accounts) SPRAS / KTOPL / SAKNR / SCHLW
TSAKR Create G/L account with reference BUKRS / SAKNR

SAP Customer List of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 2Master Data Tables

Here the list of the main Tables for Customer Master Data in SAP

SAP Customer?Tables Description Important Fields
KNA1 ? ? ? ? ? Customer master KUNNR
KNB1 ? ? ? ? ? Customer / company KUNNR / BUKRS
KNVV ? ? ? ? Customer sales data
KNBK ? ? ? ? Bank details ?KUNNR / BANKS / BANKL / BANKN
KNVH ? ? ? ? Customer hierarchy
KNVP ? ? ? ? Customer partners
KNVS ? ? ? ? Shipment data for customer
KNVK ? ? ? ? Contact persons
KNVI ? ? ? ? Customer master tax indicator
KNC1 Customer Master Transaction Figures KUNNR / BUKRS / GJHAR
KNC3 Customer Master Special GL Transactions KUNNR / BUKRS / GJAHR / SHBKZ

The Customer Material Info Record is stored at the tables
KNMT ? -??Customer material info record

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SAP VendorList of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 3 Master Data Tables

For Vendor Master Data, you can check the following Tables

SAP Vendor Tables Description Main Fields
LFA1 ? ? ? ? Vendor master LIFNR
LFB1 ? ? ? ? Vendor per company code LIFNR / BUKRS
LFB5 ? ? ? ? Vendor dunning data
LFM1 ? ? ? ? Purchasing organisation data
LFM2 ? ? ? Purchasing data
LFBK ? ? ? ? Bank details

SAP Bank List of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 4Tables

The main Bank Tables in SAP are:

SAP Vendor Tables Description
BNKA ?Master bank data
T012-T House Banks T012A / B Allocation pmnt methods -> Bank transfer
T012C Terms for bank transactions
T012D Parameter for DMEs and foreign PM
T012E EDI-compatible house banks / PM
T012K House Bank Accounts
T012O ORBIAN Detail: Bank Accounts
TIBAN IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

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SAP FI Tables for Accounting documentsList of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 5

SAP Accounting Document Description Main Fields
BKPF Accounting documents ?BUKRS / BELNR / GJAHR
BSID Accounting: Secondary index for customers
BSIK Accounting: Secondary index for vendors
BSIM Secondary Index Documents for Material
BSIP Index for vendor validation of double documents
BSIS Accounting: Secondary index for G/L accounts
BSAD Accounting: Index for customers (cleared items)
BSAK Accounting: Index for vendors (cleared items)
BSAS Accounting: Index for G/L accounts (cleared items)

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SAP Tables and Relation



SAP Tables and Relation

A 74 page of beautiful pdf presentation document which explain all the major SAP tables and their relationship and SAP 95000+ transparent tables excel database for reference.

  • SAP Tables and Relationship
  • SAP Transparent table database

SAP PaymentList of Important SAP FI Tables (SAP Finance Tables) 6?Tables

SAP Payment Run?Tables Description
REGUH Settlement data from payment program
REGUP Processed items from payment program
REGUT TemSe – Administration Data
T042 Parameters for payment transactions
T042A Bank selection for payment program
T042B Details on the company codes that pay
T042C Technical Settings: payment program
T042D Available amounts for payment program
T042E Company code-specific: payment methods
T042F / H Payment method supplements
T042G Groups of company codes (payment program)
T042I Account determination for payment program
T042J Bank charges determination
T042K Accounts for bank charges
T042N / L Bank transaction codes
T042S Charges/expenses for automatic pmnt transactions
T042V Value date for automatic payments
T042W Permitted currency keys for payment method
T042Z? Payment method for automatic payment
T008 Blocking reasons for automatic pmnt transactions

SAP FI Customizing Tables

In this part, we will detail the list of important Tables for Finance Customizing.
First we will start with Company code Tables, then we will list the main Finance Document Customizing Tables.

SAP Company code Tables

Company Code Tables Description
T004 Chart of accounts
T077S Account group (g/l accounts)
T009 Fiscal year variants
T880 Global company data
T014 Credit control area

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SAP FI Document Customizing Tables

SAP FI Doc. Custo Description
T010O Posting period variant
T010P Posting Period Variant Names
T001B Permitted Posting Periods
T003 Document types
T012 House banks

SAP Taxes Tables

If you want to go furthuer with SAP FI Tcodes, here the most important SAP Taxes Transaction Codes :

SAP Taxes Table Description
T059A Type of Recipient for Vendors
T059B Type of Recipient for Vendors
T059C Type of Recipient for Vendors per Withholding Tax Type
T059D Type of Recipient for Vendors per Withholding Tax Type
T059E Income Types T059F Formulas for Calc. Withholding Tax
T059G Income Types T059F Formulas for Calc. Withholding Tax
T059K Withholding tax code; process. key
T059P Withholding tax types / tax code
T059Z Withholding tax types / tax code
T007A Tax Keys
T007S Tax Keys
T007B Tax Processing in Accounting


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