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In this post, I will try to collect all important links in the web for SAP SRM UI Addon. Actually, the SAP SRM UI Addon document?on the net is very poor. So hopefully, you will find some tips for the new SAP SRM Shopping Cart new UI Addon.?

Understand How SAP SRP UI Addon Works

SRM UI Add on 1.0 ? Custom fields Demystified

In this link you will find how the UI Addon handles the Custom Fields appended to the structures and entities of the shoppingCart.
It starts with the customizing how to add a new custom field in the SAP User Interface Shopping Cart.
Then, it explains, very interesting, how the metadata for the custom field is tranfered to UI5 Application.
Finally, it details with view, windows and methods, the call stack to generate the custom field as a UI field.

SRM UI Add on 1.0 ? Search helps Demystified ? Part 1

In SAP UI Add on, you can manage Search Help for Custom Field.
Discover through the following link All about Search Help in SAP UI Addon :First Customizing then Transfert to UI customized and called in UI Add-on.

Enabling Search Helps for Custom Fields

You can define your own fields and the corresponding elementary search helps and provide values.
The?field controls such as the text views, input fields, labels, dropdown menus, and checkboxes can be defined. You can map the importing field of a search help with the fields in the OData service models. If you do not map any search help field with the fields in the OData service model, then the default values are displayed in the filter parameters of the search help.

OTR-Label for Custom fields SRM UI Add-on

Extensibility in SAP SRM User Interface Addon

Extensibility in SAP SRM User Interface Addon 1.0

I think this blog post on SAP, should be the entrie point to Extensibility in SRM User Interface Addon. It details the keys points to extend the standard Shopping Cart.
First, it will introduce the CUSTOM.JS file.
Second, the Exit spots: CUSTOM_PRE_EXIT and CUSTOM_POST_EXIT.

Configurable Forms in SRM User Interface Add-On

Configurable Forms is one of the features provided in support pack 03 for the SRM User Interface ADD-ON. This functionality caters to the need of a customer who wants to add one?s own custom forms in the UI. These forms can also be grouped under custom-defined sections. Limit order is a form that is delivered as a standard form from SAP. These forms will be displayed under the ?Services? navigation tab in the SAP SRM User Interface ADD-ON .

Replace a standard view with a custom view in SRM UI Add-On

This is a very detailled SAP tutorials how to Replace a standard view with a custom one in SRM UI Add-on with customizing and JS snippets ( besides?I will say rather templates).
Therefore that you should invert the JS code to CUSTOM.JS

SAP SRM Add-On 1.0 Extensibility Cookbook

The Extensibility CookBook is the only real document how to extand the SAP SRM UI Add-on.
It is not very complete but it will give a good example/ patterns how you can adapt/modify the standard UI Shopping Cart.

Hence, here the link to download it from SAP.

Extending SRM NXP Shopping Cart with an action on a custom field (JS/UI5)


Custom Search Helps in SAP SRM User Interface Add on 1.0

SAP Notes relevant for SAP SRM UI Addon

I have find only 2 notes dealing with extensibility of SRM UI Addon, maybe there is no more. ( if you think I missed some, please comment )

Extensibility Cookbook (Customer Fields): 1830075

The SAP Note 1830075 covers the best practise how to deal with Customer Fields in the Shopping Cart UI Addon.

Extensibility using pre-exit and post-exit: 1879766

The SAP Note 1879766 explains briefly, the extensibility of the SAP SRM UI Addon.
You will find an extensive explanation how to handle exit spot ( Shopping Cart: Methods, Windows and view ):

  • CUSTOM_PRE_EXIT ? : spot to add Javascript code before the procession of the method of Window/View
  • CUSTOM_POST_EXIT : spot to enhance the view/window/data after the standard processing of method.

If you find that I missed some links, please add a comment and I will update this post. ( thanks )