The Main SAP Dunning Transaction Codes

SAP Dunning Transaction Codes Tcodes

Dunning is the business practice of informing a customer of past due payments. The customer is informed via dunning notices or letters.

Dunning letters are typically generated as a part of the month end close procedure.

Here the most important SAP Dunning Transaction Codes.

SAP Dunning Transaction Codes

Here the main SAP Dunning Tcodes:

Tcode Description
AO72Specify posting procedure
EW35FI Previous Clearing Procedures
EWFMFind Open Dunning Runs
EWSHEMU Procedure Monitor
F.70Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning
F150Dunning Run
F8P2Dunning Block in Customer Line Items
F8R2Assgmt Dnng Procedure/Dunning Area
F8R2Assgmt Dnng Procedure/Dunning Area
F9MCAssignment of Check Digit Procedure
FBMADisplay Dunning Procedure
FBMADisplay Dunning Procedure
FBMPMaintain Dunning Procedure
FBMPMaintain Dunning Procedure
FERRReverse regulatory procedure
FMITTotals-Based Distribution Procedure
FNCDTransfer Customizing for Dunning
FNDDConvert Dunning Data in Dunning History
FOSFMaintain Dunning Procedure
FOSFMaintain Dunning Procedure
FOSGDisplay Dunning Procedure
FOSGDisplay Dunning Procedure
FPC1FI-CA Dunning – Customer Dunning Procedure
FPC1FI-CA Dunning – Customer Dunning Procedure
FPM3Display Dunning History
FPVADunning Proposal
FQM1FI-CA Dunning – Customer Dunning Procedures

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Main SAP Dunning Transaction Codes by Details

SAP Dunning Transaction Code FBMP

The Path to FBMP SAP Dunning Tocde is:

Path:IMG > Financial Accounting (New) > Account Receivable and Account Payable > Business Transactions > Dunning > Dunning Procedure > Define Dunning Procedure

The FBMP Transaction code will help :

  • Define Dunning Procedures
  • Create Dunning Interval in days to Dunning Procedures
  • Define Dunning Levels to Dunning Procedures
  • Define Dunning Charges to Dunning Procedures
  • Define Minimum Amounts to Dunning Procedures
  • Assign Dunning Texts and forms to Dunning Procedures
  • Define Dunning level to Dunning Procedures
  • Assign Special indicator to Dunning Procedures

SAP Dunning Tcode OBVU

In order to Assign Company Code to Dunning Procedures, launch the OBVU Tcode or navigate to

Path: IMG -> Financial Accounting (New) -> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions -> Outgoing Payments -> Automatic Outgoing Payments -> Payment Method/Bank Selection for Payment Program -> Set Up All Company Codes for Payment Transactions

The SAP Dunning Tcode OBVU allows you to perform:

  • Assign Company Code to Dunning Procedures
  • Assign Sort Fields to Dunning Procedures

SAP Dunning Transaction Code F150

In order to run a Dunning, check the F150 Transaction code.

Check the following Video explaining how to configurate and how to run a SAP Dunning Procedure

Steps of SAP Dunning Procedure with SAP Dunning Tcodes

In order to Define a Dunning Procedure in SAP, follow these steps:

  1. Define dunning areas (Transaction Code: OB61)
  2. Define Procedure (Transaction Code: FBMP)
  3. Assign dunning procedure to the customer master in SAP (Transaction Code: XD02)
  4. Run the program to dun (Transaction Code: F150)
  5. Define calculation procedure in SAP (Transaction Code: OBQ3)
  6. Assign country to calculation procedure
  7. Define tax code for sales and purchases (Transaction Code: FTXP)
  8. Define Tax Account in SAP (Transaction Code: OB40)
  9. Assign Sales Tax Code in Customer Master (Transaction Code: XD02)
  10. Assign sales tax code in GL Account Sales (Transaction Code: FS00)
  11. Posting of sales transaction in SAP FI (Transaction Code: F-22)
  12. Define Keys (Transaction Code: OB17)
  13. Define Block Reasons (Transaction Code: OB18)
  14. Define grouping (Transaction Code: OBAQ)
  15. Define Interest Rates

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