The Most Important SAP Payment Terms Tables (ZTERM, Text…)

SAP Payment Terms Table

What are the main SAP Payment Terms Tables ?

What are the related Tables in SAP for ZTerm ?

Find also some useful Tips dealing with Payment Terms in SAP.

SAP Payment Terms Tables

The main table for Payment Terms in SAP isT052.

The SAP tableTVZBT Gives the details of a Payment Terms Description.

Main Payment Terms Tables in SAP

T052Terms of Payment
TVZBTPayment Terms Description Tables
T052USAP Own Explanations for Terms of Payment Table
V_T052Maintenance View for T052

T052:ZTERM Payment Terms Table & Fields

T052 is a standard SAP Table which is used to store Terms of Payment information.

Here the main list of ZTERM’s T052 Payment Terms Table:

ZTERMTerms of payment key
ZTAGGDay Limit
ZDARTDate Type
ZFAELCalendar Day for the Baseline Date for Payment
ZMONAAdditional Months
ZTAG1Days from Baseline Date for Payment
ZPRZ1Cash Discount Percentage Rate
ZTAG2Days from Baseline Date for Payment
ZPRZ2Cash Discount Percentage Rate
ZTAG3Days from Baseline Date for Payment
ZSTG1Due Date for Special Condition
ZSMN1Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 1)
ZSTG2Due Date for Special Condition
ZSMN2Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 2)
ZSTG3Due Date for Special Condition
ZSMN3Additional Months for Special Condition (Term 3)
XZBRVPrint terms of payment in RV papers
ZSCHFPayment Block (Default Value)
XCHPBTransfer payment block when changing terms of payment
TXN08Number of the standard text
ZLSCHPayment method
XCHPMTransfer payment method when changing terms of payment
KOARTAccount Type of the Customer/Vendor
XSPLTIndicator: Term for installment payment
XSCRCRecurring Entries: Add Terms of Payment from Master Record

SAP Payment Terms Tables for TextTVZBT

The TVZBT is for Customers: Terms of Payment Texts table.

Here the list of the most important Fields:

SPRASLanguage Key
ZTERMTerms of payment key
VTEXTDescription of terms of payment

Related SAP Payment Terms Tables

Find more related ZTERM Payment Terms Tables here:

DD01Tdomain Descriptions
DD07TDomain Value descriptions
DD07TDD: Texts for Domain Fixed Values (Language-Dependent)
DD07VView on fixed values and domain texts
DD03TDD: Texts for fields (language dependent)
DD03LTable Fields
DD07Vwill contain all the domain values.

Customizing of Vendor Terms of Payment

In order to customize the Terms of Payments for Vendor, following the following Path in SPRO

SPRO > click on SAP Customizing Implementation Guid > Materials Management > Purchasing > Vendor Master > Define Terms of Payment.

Payment Terms Useful Tips

How to get text1 field data from T052 table

Actual table it is referring to is T052U. Text1 field comes from this table.

You will have to get this field from T052U.

You can join tables T052 and T052U on ZTERM and ZTAGG.

How to get Due Data based on Payment Terms ZTERM ?

Use the standard functions:


Or simply read our tutorial on Calculate Due Date in ABAP (BAPI DETERMINE_DUE_DATE)