SAP QM BAPI : Main BAPI in SAP Quality Management


SAP QM BAPI : Main BAPI in SAP Quality Management. This post will list the important SAP Standard BAPI used in SAP QM with the function of each BAPI. The SAP QM BAPI is classified by Quality Management Topics including SAP QM BAPI for Quality Notification, Inspection Plan, Master Replication ALE and Inspection Lot QM BAPI. 

Important SAP QM Tables (Quality Management)

SAP QM Tables

Important SAP QM Tables by Functionality (Quality Management ): PM Object Location and Account Assignment table – ILOA, Plant Maintenance: Partners table – IHPA … Functional Location. SAP tables list are classified by Business Topics. The list is completed with Other Objects which are none SAP QM exclusive but are used in SAP QM.

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