Important SAP QM Tables (Quality Management)

Important SAP QM Tables by Functionality (Quality Management) : PM Object Location and Account Assignment table – ILOA, Plant Maintenance: Partners table – IHPA … Functional Location.

SAP tables list are classified by Business Topics. The list is completed with Other Objects which are none SAP QM exclusive but are used in SAP QM.

Important SAP QM Tables for QM Master Data

SAP QM Tables for Quality Management Master data are:

Table Description
QMAT Inspection type – material parameters
QMHU QM Link Between Inspection Lot and Handling Unit Item
QMTB Inspection method master record
QMTT Inspection Method Texts
QPAC Inspection catalog codes for selected sets
QPAM Inspection catalog selected sets
QPMK Inspection characteristic master
QPMT Master Inspection Characteristics Texts
QPMZ Assignment table – insp. methods/master insp. characteristic
TQ01D Authorization groups for QM master data
TQ01E Text authorization groups for QM master data
TQ21 Assignment of screens to screen groups
TQ25 QM:screen sequence for master and inspection characteristics

Important SAP QM Tables QM Catalog

The main SAP QM Tables for Quality Management Catalog are:

Table Description
QPCD Inspection catalog codes
QPCT Code texts
QPGR Inspection catalog code groups
QPGT Code group texts
TQ07 Follow-Up Action for Usage Decision of Inspection Lot
TQ07A QM: Function Modules for Follow-Up Action
TQ07T Language-dependent texts for Table TQ07
TQ15 Inspection catalog type index
TQ15T Language-dependent texts for table TQ15
TQ17 Defect classes
TQ17T Language-dependent texts for table TQ17

Sample Determination

Sample Determination is based on these SAP QM Tables:

Table Description
QDEB Allwd. Relationships: Sampling Procedures/Dynamic Mod. Rules
QDEBT Allowed combinations of procedures/dynamic mod. rules: texts
QDPA Sampling scheme-instructions
QDPK Sampling scheme header
QDPKT Sampling scheme: texts
QDPP Sampling scheme item
QDQL Quality level

Inspection Char

Inspection Char in Quality Management Data model are based on the following SAP QM Tables

Table Description
TQ17A Weighting of Char
TQ11 Inspection Qualification
TQ29 Tolerance Keys
T006 Unit of measurement

Dynamic Modification

Table Description
QDBM Valuation mode
QDBMT Valuation Mode: Texts
QDDR Dynamic modification rule (header)
QDDRT Dynamic modification rule: texts
QDEP Allowed inspection severities
QDEPT Allowed Inspection Severities: Texts
QDFB Function modules for the individual procedure categories
QDFBT Function Modules for Procedure: Texts
QDFM Function modules for valuation mode
QDFMT Function Modules for Valuation Mode: Texts
QDPS Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule
QDPST Inspection Stages: Texts
QDSA Sampling type
QDSAT Sampling Type: Texts
QDSV Sampling procedure
QDSVT Sampling Procedure: Texts
TQ39B QM : Activates reference for dyn. modification level

Graphics & SPC

Table Description
QASH Quality control chart
QAST Control chart track
QPSH Control chart types
QPSHT Texts for control chart types
QPSP SPC criterion
QPSPT Texts for SPC criteria
QPST Control chart track
QPSTT Texts for control chart tracks


Table Description
QMSP QM: material specification

Inspection Plan

Main SAP QM Tables for Inspection Plan are :

Table Description
MAPL Material Assignment
PLPO Operation Details
PLMK Inspection plan characteristics
PLMW MAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan)
TQ03 QSS: Control for Screen Texts/TABLE NOT USED (Rel. 4.6)
TQ29A Dependency tolerance key – nominal measurement
TQ72 Type of share calculation
TQ72T Texts for type of share calculation
TQ75 QM formula parameters
TQ75F Field names for QM formulas
TQ75K Short text for Table TQ75F
TQ75T Description of formula parameters

Qm in procurement

Procurement SAP QM Tables Diagram is based on :

Table Description
TQ02 QM system definition
TQ02A QM system assignment and QM system requirements
TQ02B QM system
TQ02T QM system description
TQ02U Description QM system
TQ04A Functions that can be blocked
TQ04S QM block functions : texts
TQ05 QM certificate categories for procurement
TQ05T QM: text table for certificate types
TQ08 Control of QM in procurement
TQ08T QM: text for QM procurement keys
TQ09 QM: agreement of QM document types
TQ09T QM: agreement of QM document types
TQ32A Inspection type to status assignment from status profile

QM in SD

Table Description
TQ32B Find insp.type for quality insp. for delivery note

Inspection lot

Table Description
QALS Inspection lot record
QALT Partial lot
T156Q Movement Type: Material-Independent Control
TQ30 Inspection types
TQ30T Texts for inspection types
TQ32 Assignment of inspection type to origin
TQ32C Lot creation allowed values for the origin
TQ32C _T Texts for lot creation indicator
TQ33 Relevant fields for origin
TQ34 Default values for inspection type

Important SAP QM Tables for Inspection point

Table Description
QAPP Inspection point
TQ79 Table with inspection point/user field combinations
TQ79T Key words for inspection point user fields

Important SAP QM Tables for Results Recording

Table Description
QAES Sample unit table
QAKL Results table for value classes
QAMR Characteristic results during inspection processing
QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing
QASE Results table for the sample unit
QASR Sample results for inspection characteristics
QASV Sample specifications for inspection processing
TQ12 Ind. external numbering for test units in results recording
TQ12T Texts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.
TQ70 Control table for results recording
TQ70C Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen
TQ70E Screen-based processing tables
TQ70F Navigation during results recording
TQ70S Characteristic overview screen for results recording
TQ73 Origin of results data
TQ73T Texts for origin of results data
TQ74 Recording configuration
TQ74T Recording configuration
TQ76 Processing status of inspection characteristics
TQ76T Texts for the processing status of insp. characteristics
TQ77 Attributes for the Inspection Characteristic
TQ77T Text Tables for Attributes
TQ78 Status-dependent processing table for insp. characteristics
TQ78T Texts for the status-specific proc. table for insp. char.

Important SAP QM Tables for Defects recording

Table Description
TQ84 Confirmation profile
TQ84T Text table for confirmation profile
TQ86 Report category for defects recording
TQ86A Assignment report category for work center
TQ86T Text table for report category
V_T352B_F Generated table for view V_T352B_F

Important SAP QM Tables for Usage decision

SAP QM Tables for Usage Decision are:

Table Description
QAMB QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document
QAVE Inspection processing: Usage decision
TQ06 Procedure for Calculating the Quality Score
TQ06T Language-specific texts for Table TQ06
TQ07M QM: Inventory postings with usage decision

Important SAP QM Tables for Sample Mgmt

Sample Management in SAP QM TAbles model is:

Table Description
QPRN Sample drawing of phys. samples
QPRS Master record for phys. samples
QPRVK Sample-drawing procedure
QPRVK T Header for sample drawing procedure texts
QPRVP Sample-drawing items
QPRVP T Items for sample drawing procedure texts
TQ40 Definition of sample types
TQ40T Text table for sample type
TQ41 Storage locations for physical samples
TQ41T Texts for storage locations
TQ42 Physical sample containers
TQ42T Texts for phys. sample containers

Important SAP QM Tables for QMIS

Table Description
S068 Vendor statistics
S069 Material statistics
S097 QM notifications: Matl anal.
S098 QM notification: Vendor anal.
S099 QM notifications: Cust. anal.
S100 Problems: Material analysis
S102 Problems: Vendor analysis
S103 Problems: Customer analysis
S104 Customer statistics
S161 Inspection results: General
S162 Quantitative insp. results
S163 Quant. Insp. Result: Vendor
S164 Quant. Insp. Result: Vendor
S165 Inspection result: gen. custs
S166 Insp. Results: Quant. Customer
TQ55 Assign inspection lot origin for update group
TQ56 Definition of quality score classes
TQ56T Text table for the definition of quality score classes
TQ57 Assignment of quality score key to info structure

Important SAP QM Tables for Quality Certificates

Table Description
QCPR QM quality certificates in procurement
I000 Conditions for certificate profile
KONDI Conditions: Data part for certificates
QCVK Certificate profile header
QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level
QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts
QCVV Certificate Profile: List of Preliminary Products
TQ61 Result value origin for certificates
TQ61T Origin of result values for certificates: texts
TQ62 Output strategy for skip characteristics
TQ62T Output strategy for skip characteristics: texts
TQ63 Origin of insp. specs for certificates (function modules)
TQ63T Origin of inspection specifications for certificates: texts
TQ64 Origin of characteristic short text for certificates
TQ64T Origin of characteristic short text for certificates: texts
TQ65 Certificates: Combinations allowed for origins and specs/values
TQ67 Certificate-Relevant Output Types

Important SAP QM Tables for Quality Notification

Quality Notification in SAP Quality Management are stored in these SAP QM Tables:

Table Description
QMEL Notification header
QMMA Activities
T352C Catalog types for each catalog profile
TQ81 Notification Scenario
TQ81V Usage of parts
TQ81V_T Texts for usage of parts
TQ81_T Texts for Notification Scenarios
TQ82 Change of Notification Type
TQ83 Partner Functions for Codes
TQ85 Function table for follow-up functions
TQ85R Rules for Follow-Up Functions
TQ85_ T Action box text table
TQ8CO Assignment of reference orders to notification type

To complete this list, check SAP Quality Management Tables and their Relationship ‘s scn post.

Other Objects

Here a list of SAP QM related tables. This list contains list of main SAP Tables used in SAP QM and other SAP modules:

Table Description
MARA Material Number
T001W Plant
LFA1 Vendor
KNA1 Customer
AUFK Order Number
SAFK Run Schedule Header Number
MCH1 Batch Number
MCHA Batch Record
EKKO Purchasing Document Header
EKPO Purchasing document Item
EKET Delivery Schedule
VBUK Delivery Header
VBUP Delivery Item
CSKS Cost Center
EQUI Equipment Number

If I missed a relevant SAP QM tables, please add a comment and I will update the list. Thanks