ABAP in Notepad++ ( ABAP Syntax Highlighting )

ABAP in Notepad++: Some times access to SAP system is not available. So you may need to view the ABAP sources in offline mode.
The best solution is to open ABAP sources (*.abap)  notepad++ with an ABAP Plugin. This is an step by step SAP tutorial to configure ABAP in Notepad++.

ABAP in Notepad++: Adding ABAP Syntax

  1. Download Notepad++ from Notepad++ Download page
  2. Download the ABAP syntax file from sourceforge userDefinedLang ABAP.zip
  3. Unzip the zip file to get ABAP.xml file.
  4. Open Notepad++, go to Menu > Language > Define your language, and click on Import button.
  5. Choose ABAP.xml file, you should get popup ‘Import successful’.
  6. These steps would make Notepad++ capable of syntax highlighting.

How to set ABAP in Notepad Syntax

Notepad++ will open the ABAP synytax mode for *.abap file. ( finally, it is a text file but the extension is .abap).
Else, you can set the Syntax highlighting in nodepad++ through,
go to Menu > Language > ABAP

Utilize Notepad++ for ABAP Language

Improved ABAP Highlighter in NotePad++

So nice guy has shared a more cooler version of the UDL file. It will display ABAP code more like New ABAP Editor. ( thanks dude )

Just download the file ABAP in Notepad++ and add it to your notepad++ UDL ( User Defined Language ) and it will works like a hell.

( it is a 7zip file, just unzip it and get the abap2.xml file )

For more details check both these link

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