All what you need to know about SAP IDOC Qualifier Overview

SAP IDOC Qualifier; SAP IDOC QUALifier List with description

SAP IDOC Qualifier defines for a segment the business equivalent. Following the QUAL will be detailled first then How to retrieve the value of IDoc Qualif directly from SAP Tables and BAPI. Finally, the SAP IDoc Qualifiers list will be added. SAP IDOC Qualifiers by Segment Table All the value for SAP IDoc Qualifier can be

EDI 846 : Inventory Inquiry/Advice in SAP

SAP SD Tables; SAP SD; document flow sap sd; SAP EDI transactions; Edi Code; Order Delivery Status; EDI 846; SAP Add a custom field to Sales Order, Explicit PO Number; files on application server, SAP CRM Document flow, SAP SRM Confirmation; SAP SD Tcodes, doc. flow sap sd, Add custom field to Sales Order

EDI 846 is used for Inventory Inquiry/Advice. The EDI 846 transaction is used to communicate about inventory between manufactures suppliers resellers The inventory information the Edi 846 can communicate are: By sellers of goods and services to provide inventory information to a potential customer By a seller’s representatives to supply the seller with inventory information By

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