SAP Material Master Data IDoc MATMAS (Structure, BAPI and Enhancement)

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I compiled in this article all what you need about the SAP Material Master Data IDoc (almost all).

First, we will explain the structure of MATMAS IDoc for Material Master with the full list of Segment.
Then, you will find the list of the most important SAP Material Master IDoc BAPI and Standard Report.

The third part covers how extend SAP MATMAS IDoc. Finally, I collected some useful tips about SAP Matmas Material Master IDoc.

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SAP Invoice IDoc INVOIC02 – Structure, User-Exit and BADI

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Idoc INVOIC02: This article will introduce you to outbound IDoc for Invoice/Billing document in SAP.

It will cover the IDoc Invoic02 structures, XML Schema, Enhancement for INVOICE Idoc and ABAP Code to generate INVOICE Idoc with BAPI

  • Idoc INVOIC02 Structure
  • User Exit and BADI for Idoc INVOIC02
  • Generate Invoice IDoc with BAPI

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Most Useful SAP EDI Transactions (SAP Idocs Tcodes) & SAP EDI Tables


SAP EDI Transactions: IDoc stands for intermediate document.

Idocs are a standard data structure for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) between application and SAP System.

In this article, you will find the most important IDocs Tcodes and the most useful SAP Edi Tables to start you mastery journey with IDocs.

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Convert IDOC to XML format with Full ABAP Code

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Convert IDoc to an other format can common business requirement in order to make communication possible between SAP System and other Landspace.

In this article, you will learn how to convert IDoc to XML file having the same schema as the original IDoc.

First, how to retrieve SAP IDOC Schema, then the different steps to make the IDoc Conversion possible. Finally, you will find the full SAP ABAP Program Source ready to go !

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