All what you need to know about SAP IDOC Qualifier Overview

SAP IDOC Qualifier

SAP IDOC Qualifier defines for a segment the business equivalent.

Following the QUAL will be detailed first then How to retrieve the value of IDoc Qualifier directly from SAP Tables and BAPI.

Finally, the SAP IDoc Qualifiers list will be added.

SAP IDOC Qualifiers by SegmentTable

All the value for SAP IDoc Qualifier can be found in DD07T SAP Table. Actually the possible value for QUALF is set on the SAP Domain

EDI_QUALFR. Go to SE16, set the table name to DD07T then select the EDI_QUALFR for DOMNAME and the language you desire for the language DDLANGUAGE.
The DOMVALUE_L contient the list of value for SAP IDOC QUALIF and the DDTEXT tells the description of the Qualifier.

SAP IDOC Qualifiers by Segment BAPI

In order to retrieve all the possible value for a SAP IDoc Qualifier, you can use the following SAP standard BAPI:

  • IDOC_TYPE_COMPLETE_READCA-EDI: IDoc documentation tools API
    The input for IDOC_TYPE_COMPLETE_READ is
    This BAPI will read all SAP IDOC Segments of an Idoc Message Type.
  • IDOC_READ_COMPLETELY: Read all information for IDoc – Implicit open and close
    For a SAP IDOC Number, this BAPI will read
    • IDOC_CONTROL :Control record (IDoc)
    • INT_EDIDS: Status Record (IDoc)
    • INT_EDIDD: Data record (IDoc)
    • This is the BAPI to use in order to read Structure of Segment and all value for Idoc Qualifiers.
    • The input is the PI_SEGTYP (Segment type) and the IDoc Release Number.
    • The output is:
      • PT_FIELDS LIKE EDI_IAPI12 Structure of segment type (fields)
      • PT_FVALUES LIKE EDI_IAPI14 Possible values for segment fields

For more information check IDoc Display.

SAP IDOC Qualifier list

Find the full values of SAP IDOC Qualifier List

SAP IDOC Qualifier by SAP IDoc Segment

For each segment type there is a list of possible qualifier. Let’s take the Order Idoc, the most used SAP IDOC Message types, the possible list of QUAL for the segment.