ABAP Workbench Tables: DDIC, Users, TR, Change

ABAP Workbench

List of important SAP Tables: ABAP Workbench SAP Tables with some Relevant SAP basis tables.

In this post, you will find list of : ABAP Workbench DDIC Tables, the SAP Tables User, SAP Tables Transport Requests and Change Document Tables.

SAP Tables Workbench

ABAP Workbench DDIC Tables

The Main table for ABAP Workbench tables for SAP DDIC Tables are:

  • DD01L : Domains
  • DD02L/T/V : SAP Tables in Tcode SE11
  • DD03L/T : List Of Table Fields
  • DD04L/T : List of Data elements
  • DD07L/V : Values for the domains
  • TFDIR : Function Module in Tcode SE37
  • TFTIT : Function Module Text
  • TRDIR : List of Programs in Tcode SE38
  • TMDIR : Methods in a class
  • SEOCLASS : ABAP Objects Class
  • T100 : Messages
  • TSTC : Transaction Codes

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SAP Tables User

List of important SAP tables for SAP Users containing User Data, login data, authorization …

  • USR01 : User master
  • USR02 : Logon data
  • USR03 : User address data
  • USR04 : User master authorizations
  • USR11 : User Master Texts for Profiles (USR10)
  • UST12 : User master: Authorizations
  • USR12 : User master authorization values
  • TOBJ : Objects
  • TOBC : Authorization Object Classes
  • UST04 : User profiles (multiple rows per user)
  • USR10 : Authorisation profiles (i.e. &_SAP_ALL)
  • UST10C : Composit profiles (i.e. profile has sub profile)
  • USER_ADDR : Address Data for users

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SAP Tables Transport Requests

All Relevant SAP Tables for Transport Requests ( header, Items and lock tables ).

The list of SAP Transport Tables are:

  • E070 : Header of Requests
  • E71K : Requests Tasks
  • E070C : Requests Target / Client / Tasks
  • TLOCK : Lock Table

Change Document Tables

SAP Change Document (pointer) used to detect change in SAP business documents ( material, customer …).

The main SAP Change Document Tables are:

  • CDHDR : Change document header
  • CDPOS : Change document items