EDI 846 : Inventory Inquiry/Advice in SAP

EDI 846 is used for Inventory Inquiry/Advice.

The EDI 846 transaction is used to communicate about inventory between

  • manufactures
  • suppliers
  • resellers

What EDI 846 ?

The inventory information the Edi 846 can communicate are:

  • By sellers of goods and services to provide inventory information to a potential customer
  • By a seller’s representatives to supply the seller with inventory information
  • By one seller’s location to supply another location with inventory information
  • By a seller to inquire on the availability of inventory

Manufacturers and suppliers often use 846 transactions to notify trading partners of on-hand inventory in various inventory holding locations, such as warehouses, outlets, stores, distribution centers, etc.

One common situation is where a manufacturer uses an 846 to advise a trading partner of overstocked inventories available at discounted prices.

Information included in the 846 transaction set includes inventory location identification, item or part description, and quantities.

The quantity of an item may be presented in a number of ways, including:

  • Quantity in float
  • Quantity on hand
  • Committed quantity
  • On order quantity
  • Returns
  • Backorder quantity
  • Quantity in transit

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EDI 846 Format

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EDI 846 in SAP

You can use the Idoc PROACT01 Transfer of stock and sales data 1 to convert the EDI 846 document into SAP Document ( Outbound and Inbound Interface).

  • Message Type: PROACT
  • Basic Type: PROACT01
  • Description: Inventory Report
  • Edifact INVRPT

The structure of the PROACT01 Idoc is:

  • E1EDK34 General header segment
  • E1EDK02 IDoc: Document header reference data
  • E1ADRM1 Central Address Segment Group, Main Segment
    • E1ADRP1 Central Address Segment Group, Person Segment
    • E1ADRE1 Central Address Segment Group, Additional Data Segment
  • E1EDP31 General item segment
    • E1EDP19 IDoc: Document Item Object Identification
    • E1EDP32 Stock and sales data
  • E1EDS02 IDoc: Summary segment

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