SAP Stock Overview: Stock Tcodes, SAP Stock Tables and BAPI

SAP Material

SAP stock Overview covers all related subjects for SAP Materiel Stock in MM.

It starts with how to check Material Stock.
Then comes ?the important SAP Tcodes for handing Stocks in SAP MM/SD (Material Management / Sales and Distribution ) and SAP WM ( Warehouse Management ).
The next part will introduce the different SAP Stock Types .
The last section lists the the most important BAPI when dealing with SAP Stock.?

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Inventory Management in SAP MM (Goods Issue & Receipt, Reservation)

SAP Inventory Management

Inventory Management in SAP (SAP MM-MI ) deals with goods. Actually the process of Procurement starts with collecting the business requirement for goods and goes to getting the goods from Vendors in SAP MM.

Once received; Goods have to be place on premise of the company in order to be accessible for consumption or reselling.

Here Inventory Management helps dealing with Goods Placement and management of SAP Stocks.

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SAP Purchase Order Tables: Main PO tables in SAP MM – SAP PO Tables

List of SAP Purchase Order Tables in SAP MM SAP PO Tables

In this post, you will find the main SAP Purchase Order Tables for header, item, and historical.

As well as, all relevant SAP tables related to Purchasing process.

First, we will explain the main Purchase Order SAP Tables, then we will list the main SAP Table for Purchase Document in SAP MM (Material Management).

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All what you need to know about SAP Purchase Order

SAP Purchase Order

What is a SAP Purchase Orders ?

The SAP Purchase Order is the document that shows the intent of the buyer to buy a certain quantity of product at a certain price from a specific vendor.

In accepting a purchase order, the vendor agrees to supply the quantity to the buyer on or before the regular delivery date.

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SAP Good Movement IDoc (MBGMCR03) : Structure and BAPI

SAP Good Movement BAPI e1499236283415

SAP Good Movement IDoc: SAP MM-IM package offers two standard IDocs to exchange Material Document and to replicate creation, modification and cancellation of a SAP Good Movement.

You will find the two SAP Good Movement IDocs to manage MD and BAPIs related to these IDocs.

The main IDocs for Good Movement are:

  • MBGMCR03: SAP Good Movement IDoc for Posting?Good Mvt
  • MBGMCA01: SAP Reverse Good Mvt IDoc

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SAP Goods Movement Tables

SAP Materail Good Movement

The two important SAP Good Movement Tables in SAP MM are detailed in this article.

Through this article, I will detail the Main SAP Goods Movement Tables for Material Documents ( Master Data,Transaction and customizing). For a SAP Good Movement, a Material Document are issued.

You can check also:

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