The Main Important SAP Material Master Tables ( Data & Customizing )

The Main Important SAP Material Master Tables ( Data & Customizing )

In this article, you will find the main SAP Material Master Tables divided into SAP Master Material Tables for Data and for Customizing.
So you will find other than SAP Material Tables, the list of  SAP Material Group / Category for better handle the SAP Material Management…

SAP Material Master Tables List

The main Material Master Tables in SAP are:

SAP TablesDescription
MARA SAP Material Master Table for General data
MAKT Material Master: Description
MARM Material Master: Unit of Measure
MAPE Material master: Export control file
MARC Material master: Plant data
MARD Material master: Storage location
MBEW Material valuation
MLGN Material Master: WM Inventory
MLGT Material Master: WM Inventory type
MDIP Material: MRP profiles (field contents)
MVER Material Master: Consumption
DVER SAP Material Master: Consumption
MVKE SAP  Material Master: Sales
MLAN SAP Material Master: Tax indicator
MAPR SAP Material Master: Forecast
MCH1 SAP Material Master: X Plant Batches
MCHA SAP Material Master Table:  Batches
MCHB SAP Material Master: Batch Stock
MOFF Outstanding Material Master Records (Maintenance status)
MARCH Material Master C Segment: History
MARDH Material Master Storage Location Segment: History
MBEWH Material Valuation: History
STKOBOM Header Details
STPOBOM Item Details
MASTMaterial to BOM Link
T023 Material Groups

Source: SAP MM Tables

The new section, some important  Material Master Tables in SAP will detail with the condition to Join.
Also the main Customizing SAP MM Tables for Materials ( for SAP Material Category and Material Type )

SAP Material Master Tables Details

General Material Data Table: MARA

MARA is the SAP Master data Table for Material. MARA stores all the General Material Data.
The Key for a SAP Material is MARA-MATNR.

MARC: Plant Data for Material

MARC stored the Plant related data for SAP Material.
The keys for this Table are:

  • MATNR for the Material Number
  • WERKS for the Plant id.

MARD: Storage Location Data for Material

In SAP, the definition of a PLANT is : “A place where materials are produced, or goods and services are provided.”

MAKT: Material Descriptions

MAKT is the table where SAP Material Description are set. It is language-dependent table.
The field for Material Description is MAKT-MAKTX

MARM: Units of Measure for Material

MARM sets the conversion between the possible units of measure for the material.
For more detail check my other post about SAP Material Alternative Unit.

MBEW: Material Valuation

  • MATNR for Material Number
  • BWKEY for Valuation Area
  • BWTAR for BWTAR_D Valuation Type

Valuation Area (BWKEY) is BWKEY “Organizational level at which the material is valuated. A valuation area can a plant or all plants belonging to a company.

Valuation Type (BWTAR) Uniquely identifies separately valuated stocks of a material. For example, if you want to evaluate the material by origin, set Valuation type to Origin H.

SAP Material Tables  for Customizing

SAP Material Type

The type of Material is set on MARA-MTART.
The Material Type is configured in the table T134 (Material Types). The description of the type can be found on T134T Table.

Read more about List of Important SAP Material Types in SAP MM

SAP Material Category  ( SAP Material Group )

The field MARA-ATTYP define the SAP Material Category.
The value are set in the fixed value of the Domain ATTYP. Check the table DD07T with DOMNAME= ‘ATTYP’.
Material Categories can have these value;

SAP Material Category Description
     Single material (industry)
00Single material
01Generic material
10Sales set
20Material group material
21Hierarchy material
22Group material
30Material group reference material

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