SAP Goods Movement Tcodes

The main SAP Good Movement Tcodes is MIGO. You can manage any kind of SAP Good Movement through MIGO.
You will find?the Sap Goods Movement Transactions for goods movements (MIGO) for both SAP MM and SAP Retail solution.

SAP Good Movement Tcodes for SAP MM

In SAP MM, different Good Movement activities can be performed. You can Post Good or Reverse Good Movement.
You can also edit Good receipts, good issues and Transfer posting.

Find following the list of all type of SAP Goods Movement Tcodes in SAP MM .

Movement Types Transaction Code
Goods Movement MIGO
Transfer Posting MB1B
Goods Receipt for Order MIGO_GO
Goods Issue MIGO_GI
Goods Receipt from External Procurement MIGO_GR
Picking List MB26
Monitoring Subcontracting Stocks per Vendor ME2O
Cancel Material Document MBST
Store Material Document MBSU
Subsequent Adjustment for Material Provided MB04
Output Processing for Material Documents MB90

SAP Good Movement Tcodes for SAP Retail

In SAP Retail, SAP Good Movement includes Good Receipts, good issues goods issues, transfer postings, return deliveries, and the reversal of goods movements.
SAP Retail Specific activity on Good Movement are also managed as?rough goods receipts, value-only material and ?structured material.

Here the list of all what you need to know for SAP Good Movement tcodes for SAP Retail.

Movement Types Transaction Code
Post goods receipt for purchase order MB01
Display rough goods receipt VL43
Messages from rough goods receipt VL76
Create rough goods receipt VL41
Change rough goods receipt VL42
Transfer posting MB1B
Return delivery for material document MBRL
Cancel material document MBST
Goods withdrawal MB1A
Stock overview for value-only material WMBE
Other goods receipt MB1C

SAP Good Movement details?

To learn more about SAP Good Movement, you can check?the following link to SAP help Portal: