SAP Goods Movement Tables

SAP Materail Good Movement

The two important SAP Good Movement Tables in SAP MM are detailed in this article.

Through this article, I will detail the Main SAP Goods Movement Tables for Material Documents ( Master Data,Transaction and customizing). For a SAP Good Movement, a Material Document are issued.

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The Main SAP Good Movement tables are:

  • MSEG : Document Segment: Material
  • MKPF : Material document header information

SAP Goods Movement Tables

MKPF – Material Document Header

The Sap Goods Movement Table MKPF is the SAP standard Table for Material document header information.

The keys for MKPF are:

  • MBLNR – Number of Material Document
  • MJAHR – Material Document Year

MKPF Table Fields

Here the list of MKPF Table Fields which is the main table for sap goods movement tables:

MKPF FieldSap Goods Movement Table MKPF
MBLNRNumber of Material Document
MJAHRMaterial Document Year
VGARTTransaction/Event Type
BLARTDocument Type
BLAUMDocument type of revaluation document
BLDATDocument Date in Document
BUDATPosting Date in the Document
CPUDTDay On Which Accounting Document Was Entered
CPUTMTime of Entry
AEDATChanged On
USNAMUser name
TCODENot More Closely Defined Area, Possibly Used for Patchlevels
XBLNRReference Document Number
BKTXTDocument Header Text
FRATHUnplanned delivery costs
FRBNRNumber of Bill of Lading at Time of Goods Receipt
WEVERVersion for Printing GR/GI Slip
XABLNGoods Receipt/Issue Slip Number
AWSYSLogical System
BLA2DDoc. type for additional doc. in purchase account management
TCODE2Transaction Code
BFWMSControl posting for external WMS
EXNUMNumber of foreign trade data in MM and SD documents
SPE_BUDAT_UHRTime of Goods Issue (Local, Relating to a Plant)
SPE_LOGSYSLogical System of EWM Material Document
SPE_MDNUM_EWMNumber of Material Document in EWM
GTS_CUSREF_NOCustoms Reference Number for Scrapping
FLS_RSTOStore Return with Inbound and Outbound Delivery
MSR_ACTIVEAdvanced Returns Management Active
KNUMVNumber of the document condition
LFSNRNumber of External Delivery Note
OIB_BLTIMEPosting time in the document

MSEG – Material Document Transaction

MSEG is the standard SAP Goods movement Table for Material Document storing Transactions Details (2nd sap goods movement tables)n

For example, if the Good Movement is related to a SAP Sales Order, MSEG stores the information about the items posting ( MSEG-KDAUF for Sales Order Number and MSEG-KDPOS for Item in the SAP Sales Order )

An other example, the SAP Good Movement is related to a Purchase Order, MSEG-EBELN refers to the Purchase Order Number and MSEG-EBELP for items of Purchase Order.

The key for MSEG Table are:

  • MBLNR for Number of Material Document
  • MJAHR for Material Document Year
  • ZEILE for Item in Material Document

The MSEG Table stores the data for Good Movement details by Materail number and the type of SAP Good Movement.
You can find as information:

  • BWART – Movement Type (Inventory Management)
  • MATNR – Material Number
  • WERKS – Plant
  • LGORT – Storage Location
  • MENGE – Quantity
  • KSTRG – Cost Object
  • PRCTR – Profit Center

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SAP Good Movement Tables for Customizing

T158V – Transaction/Event Types

The Check Table for MPKF-VGART is T158V.
T158V stored the allowed value for Transaction/Event Types in Inventory Management.

The Transaction/Event Types is the field T158V-VGART.
For the description, check the related Text table T158W.

T003 – Document Types

In order to identify the document origin for Good Movement MSEG-BLART.
The reference Table for Document Types is T003.

The Text Table is T003T.

T156 – Movement Type

Movement Type is 3 digital identifying the Type of SAP Good Movement.

The Movement Type is very important. Actually it controls the adjustement of inventories, the GL related account and even the screen layout for MIGO transaction.

For a Material Document, the type of Movement type is set on MSEG-BWART.
The reference Table for Movement Type is T156.

For the full list of SAP Good Movement Type check this link SAP Good Movement Types.

T158G – Transaction Code

The Transaction Code is required when using Good Movement BAPI in order to identify the king of Good mvt.
For the full list of Transaction Code and signification check this post.