SAP EDI transactions: List of EDI Codes


SAP EDI Transactions are a predefined value to communicate between two systems.

In SAP R/3, These signal have to be mapped to the corresponding Idocs in SAP.

In this post, you will find the most used SAP Edi transactions and the full list of edi codes.

Most used SAP EDI transactions Code

Here some most used SAP EDI transactions are:

  • edi 820 :?Payment order and credit advice
  • edi 830:?Delivery schedule (LAB)
  • edi 840 :?Request
  • edi 843 : Quotation
  • edi 852 : Stock and sale data
  • edi 857 :?Shipment and Billing Notice
  • edi 858 :?Shipment Information
  • edi 862 :?Shipping Schedule
  • edi 870:?Order Status Report
  • edi 943 :?Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

Check The SAP EDI?message types: Mapping between EDI code, SAP Logical Message and SAP IDocs

I recommend also getting this book 😕Architecting EDI with SAP IDocs: the Comprehensive Guide

SAP EDI transactions Code:

EDI Code Description
EDI 830 Planning Schedule with Release Capability
EDI 831 Application Control Totals
EDI 832 Price/Sales Catalog
EDI 836 Procurement Notices
EDI 838 Trading Partner Profile
EDI 839 Project Cost Reporting
EDI 840 Request for Quotation
EDI 841 Specifications/Technical Information
EDI 842 Nonconformance Report
EDI 843 Response to Request for Quotation
EDI 844 Product Transfer Account Adjustment
EDI 845 Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status
EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
EDI 847 Material Claim
EDI 848 Material Safety Data Sheet
EDI 849 Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment
EDI 850 Purchase Order
EDI 851 Asset Schedule
EDI 852 Product Activity Data
EDI 852 Product Activity Data Plus Module
EDI 853 Routing and Carrier Instruction
EDI 854 Shipment Delivery Discrepancy Information
EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgment
EDI 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
EDI 857 Shipment and Billing Notice
EDI 858 Shipment Information
EDI 859 Freight Invoice
EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request / Buyer Initiated
EDI 861 Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate
EDI 862 Shipping Schedule
EDI 863 Report of Test Results
EDI 864 Text Message
EDI 865 Purchase Order Change Acknowledgment/Request Seller Initiated
EDI 866 Production Sequence
EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Report
EDI 868 Electronic Form Structure
EDI 869 Order Status Inquiry
EDI 870 Order Status Report
EDI 871 Component Parts Content
EDI 888 Item Maintenance
EDI 893 Item Information Request
EDI 894 Delivery/Return Base Record
EDI 895 Delivery/Return Acknowledgment or Adjustment
EDI 896 Product Dimension Maintenance
EDI 928 Automotive Inspection Detail
EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order
EDI 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice
EDI 944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice
EDI 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice
EDI 946 Delivery Information Message
EDI 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice
EDI 980 Functional Group Totals
EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment
EDI 998 Set Cancellation
EDI 999 Acceptance/Rejection Advice
EDI 820-A1 Payment Order/Remittance Advice
APERAKApplication error and acknowledgement message
DELFORDelivery schedule message
DELJITDelivery just in time message
DESADVDespatch advice message
INVOICInvoice message
INVRPTInventory report message
ORDERSPurchase order message
RECADVReceiving advice message

For the full list of EDI Code, check this link.