EDI 870 : Order Status Report SAP ORDERS05 IDoc Explained

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EDI 870 is the EDI message to transfer Order Status Report Document between Buyer and Supplier. Find more about EDI 870 and the corresponding EDI message in SAP.

What is an EDI 870 – Order Status Report document

The EDI 870 is an EDI document type for electronic version (subtitle the paper version) for Order Status Report.
EDI 870 respects the Standard EDI Format including X12, ANSI and EDIFACT.

When a trading partner (buyer) request an EDI 869 for Order Status Inquiry, the supplier responds with an EDI 870 message for Order Status Report. It helps both partners to follow-up the Purchase Order.

EDI’s 870 and The Sap Idoc ORDERS05

The EDI document 870 can be mapped in SAP to the SAP Standard Message Type ORDRSP.

The IDoc Type for 870 Transaction can be ORDERS01 to ORDERS05 up to the version of SAP. (It always better to use the last version provided by SAP and in this case, use rather ORDERS05).

For more information about the SAP IDoc ORDERS05, check SAP Process Order Idoc Outbound: Sample ABAP and SAP Order Delivery Status for Sales Documents.

The SAP IDOC ORDERS05 Structure is
ORDERS05 Purchasing/Sales

  • E1EDK01 IDoc: Document header general data
  • E1EDK14 IDoc: Document Header Organizational Data
  • E1EDK03 IDoc: Document header date segment
  • E1EDK04 IDoc: Document header taxes
  • E1EDK05 IDoc: Document header conditions
  • E1EDKA1 IDoc: Document Header Partner Information
    • E1EDKA3 IDoc: Document Header Partner Information Additional Data
  • E1EDK02 IDoc: Document header reference data
  • E1EDK17 IDoc: Document Header Terms of Delivery
  • E1EDK18 IDoc: Document Header Terms of Payment
  • E1EDK35 IDoc: Document Header Additional Data
  • E1EDK36 IDOC: Doc.header payment cards
  • E1EDKT1 IDoc: Document Header Text Identification
    • E1EDKT2 IDoc: Document Header Texts
  • E1EDP01 IDoc: Document Item General Data
    • E1EDP02 IDoc: Document Item Reference Data
    • E1CUREF CU: Reference order item / instance in configuration
    • E1ADDI1 IDoc: Additional
    • E1EDP03 IDoc: Document Item Date Segment
    • E1EDP04 IDoc: Document Item Taxes
    • E1EDP05 IDoc: Document Item Conditions
      • E1EDPS5 A&D: Price Scale (Quantity)
    • E1EDP20 IDoc schedule lines
    • E1EDPA1 IDoc: Doc.item partner information
      • E1EDPA3 IDoc: Document Item Partner Information Additional Data
    • E1EDP19 IDoc: Document Item Object Identification
    • E1EDPAD A&D: Material Exchange
      • E1TXTH1 General Text Header
    • E1EDP17 IDoc: Document item terms of delivery
    • E1EDP18 IDoc: Document Item Terms of Payment
    • E1EDP35 IDoc: Document Item Additional Data
    • E1EDPT1 IDoc: Document Item Text Identification
      • E1EDPT2 IDoc: Document Item Texts
    • E1EDC01 SS: Service specifications general data
      • E1EDC02 SS item: Reference data
      • E1EDC03 SS item: Date segment
      • E1EDC04 SS item: Taxes
      • E1EDC05 SS item: Conditions
      • E1EDC06 Service line formula fields
      • E1EDC07 Service line user fields
      • E1EDCA1 SS items: Partner information
      • E1EDC19 SS items: Object identification
      • E1EDC17 SS items: Terms of delivery
      • E1EDC18 SS items: Terms of payment
      • E1EDCT1 SS items: Text identification
        • E1EDCT2 SS items: Texts
  • E1CUCFG CU: Configuration data
    • E1CUINS CU: Instance data
    • E1CUPRT CU: part-of data
    • E1CUVAL CU: Characteristic valuation
    • E1CUBLB CU: Configuration BLOB (SCE)
  • E1EDL37 Handling unit header
    • E1EDL39 Control Segment for Handling Units
    • E1EDL38 Handling Unit Header Descriptions
    • E1EDL44 IDoc: Handling Unit Item (Delivery)
  • E1EDS01 IDoc: Summary segment general

The SAP IDOC ORDERS05 XML Schema can be found IDoc ORDERS05 Schema.

EDI 870 Structures EDIFACT

Find in the following document, the SEGMENT TABLES for EDI 870.

The EDI’s 870 PDF specification provides the standard structures for Order Status Report.

Here the summary of EDI’s 870 :

  • Overview
  • 1. Functional Definition
  • 2. Considerations
  • 3. Trading Partners
  • 4. EDIFICE Business Models
  • 5. Field of Application
  • 6. Format
  • 7. Attributes
  • 8. Changes from version 3020

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