SAP Order Delivery Status for Sales Documents


Each time Delivery is created or processed, the Order Delivery Status is updated at Item level.

You will find in this article an overview of Delivery status then a deep technical dive into sales document delivery status with list of important tables and BAPI to retrieve these status for both header and Items .

SAP Order Delivery Status Overview

If you want to get the big picture of SAP Order ABAP development check this book: ABAP Development for Sales and Distribution in SAP: Exits, BAdIs, and Enhancements

Order Delivery Status in VA02/VA03 Tcode

SAP Order Delivery Status can be checked in VA02/03 transaction.
For header, it can be found in Status Tap and should be will the following:

SAP Order Delivery Status Header

It is the same for Items level. Under the Status tap, check for Delivery Status

Order Delivery Status Item

SAP Order Delivery Status Technical

Tables for SAP Order Delivery Status

The main tables for Order Delivery Status are:

  • VBUK: Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data
    • The field is LFSTK
  • VBUP: Sales Document: Item Status
    • the field is LFSTA

The keys for these tables are VBELN for Header and VBELN/POSNR for Items .

These tables save not only Delivery Status but also ( among others )

  • BESTK- Confirmation status
  • LFSTK- Delivery status
  • LFGSK- Overall delivery status for all items
  • WBSTK- Total goods movement status
  • FKSAK- Billing status (order-related billing document)
  • BUCHK- Posting Status of Billing Document
  • ABSTK- Overall rejection status of all document items
  • GBSTK- Overall processing status of a document
  • KOSTK-Overall picking/putaway status

Difference between LFSTK – Delivery Status and LFGSK – Overall Delivery Status

LFSTK( Delivery Status ) is the header Delivery status of sales document. It indicated if all theitems in this documentare Delivered, partially delivered or not delivered.

Meanwhile,LFGSK( Overall delivery status ) represents the Delivery status ofonly items which should be delivered

List of Values for Order Delivery Status

The Delivery Status can have the following values:

Delivery StatusDescription
Not Relevant for delivery
ANot delivered
BPartially delivered
CFully delivered
Customize Delivery Status Value

you can add a custom Delivery Status.
Actually, the list of values is piloted by the table TVBST (SD Documents: Processing Status: Texts).
The key for Delivery Status is:

  • For header
    • Status table name (TBNAM ) = VBUK
    • Field name of the status table (FDNAM) = LFSTK
  • For item:
    • Status table name ( TBNAM ) = VBUP
    • Field name of the status table (FDNAM) = LFSTA

You can manage this value or change the texts associated to a status on the maintain view V_TVBST.

Retrieve Delivery Status


The standard BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS (Sales Order: Display Status) retrieves the item’s status of SAP SD Orders. The header Status can be calculated from the items Delivery status

The SD ( Sales and Distribution ) Document Number is the input.
The result of the BAPI gives more information on Item line and Status of Items.
It contains for example:

  • DOC_DATE: Document Date (Date Received/Sent)
  • PURCH_NO: Customer purchase order number
  • PRC_STAT_H: Overall processing status of document
  • DLV_STAT_H: Overall delivery status for all items
  • REQ_DATE_H: Requested delivery date
  • DLV_BLOCK: Delivery block (document header)
  • ITM_NUMBER: Sales Document Item
  • MATERIAL: Material Number
  • DLV_STAT_I: Overall delivery status of the item
  • DLV_STAT_I: Overall delivery status of the item
  • DELIV_NUMB: Delivery
  • DELIV_ITEM: Delivery Item
  • DELIV_DATE: Delivery date
  • DLV_QTY: Actual quantity delivered (in sales units)

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