Processing Invoice in SAP using SAP Vendor Invoice Management OpenText

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This article will explain how Processing Invoice in SAP using Invoice Management and Open Text ( SAP VIM ).

We will start with a quick overview of the SAP VIM OpenText Solution.

Then we will detail how an invoice is processed in SAP VIM Step by step with the corresponding Status.

SAP VIM Overview

In order to process vendor Invoices more efficiently and less manual errors, Open Text’s SAP Invoice Vendor Management helps company take more control on processing Vendor Invoices.

Behind the SAP VIM solution, there is use of SAP BAPI to interact with SAP Data and SAP table and SAP Workflow to manage the verification and validation flow of an invoice.

So, Scanned Vendor invoices are automatically routed to the right Accounts Payable responsable without any delay.

Step by Step Processing Invoice in SAP VIM

Following are the technical steps required to process an invoice through SAP VIM(Vendor Invoice Management)

In order to process a Vendor invoice in VIM, follow these steps ( it is more technical):

Processing Invoice - SAP invoice Table e1478970452701

Processing Invoice : Archive Invoice ( in SAP OpenText)

First Archive the incoming invoice using the transaction OAWD.
You have two possibility

  • Drag and Drop the Invoice file if the invoice is dematerialized
  • If the invoice is in hard copy, you can scan it with Entreprise Scanner.

Once this step is completed, a Word Item and DP ( document Processing ) Number is generated.

The document has an initial Status (01) SCANNED


With the Tcode /N/OPT/VIM_7AX8, you can view the status of DP.

The ICC ( Invoice Capture Centre) will extract the the invoice information.

If the ICC service is configurated, the status of the DP document will change to (72) SENT TO OCR.

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Extraction the SAP VIM Data in ICC

On ICC Customizing Client > General > Jobs View, you can supervize the extraction process of the Document in SAP.

Once the extraction is completed on ICC, Document statut changes in SAP to (73) EXTRACTION COMPLETED

Validation Process

The Status of DP Document moves to (74) READY FOR VALIDATION once the DP trigger Job.

The ICC Validation Client ( or Customizing Client) will poll all the documents from SAP having a Ready for Validation Status and push them to Account Payable Responsables for Validation.

The status will change to (75) SEND FOR VALIDATION .

Once the document is Validated ( in ICC Validation Client), the DP Document will be (76) VALIDATION COMPLETED.

SAP OpenText VIM Workflow

The DP Trigger Job will move the DP with Validated status to VIM Workflow ( it is acutally move from ICC Admin tool Trandaction).

  • The first check is verify is all the required fields are correctly extracted.
  • The second check is the excution of Business Rule.

If Both of these checks are successful, the Validated Invoice is posted in SAP.

If the validation failed, a configured Work Item will be trigger with DP to the responsable of the missing information in the VIM workflow.

OpenText VIM DP Trigger Job

The program for DP Trigger Job is /OPT/VIM_DP_TRIGGER.

This program will handle the status change and the workflow of Document Processing in ICC /SAP.