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SAP VIM Documentation – Administration Guide in PDF:?This guide describes the technical and functional aspects of administering OpenText Vendor Invoice Management 6.0.

It is written for all OpenText VIM professionals.?

SAP VIM Documentation Topic

The Topic covers by this OpenText SAP VIM Documentation – Administration Guide are:

Introduction: General introduction to OpenText SAP VIM Solution

  • Understanding VIM
  • Administration Tools: a global view of the available SAP VIM Administration tools
  • VIM Workflow Batch Jobs: The Worklows Jobs to ?be planned in SAP VIM
  • Roles: a very important topics is SAP VIM Roles
  • Maintaining Chart of Authority: The Main definition is the?Approval chart of authority (COA)which? determines first approval and next approval
  • for an invoice by combinations of Company Code, Expense Type, Cost Objects and HR objects

Setting Up Substitutes for Workflow Processes

  • Determining the Workflow Status of an Invoice: check this post for more detail
  • Monitoring VIM Workflows
  • Solving a Role Error in a Workflow: How to?Determine a SAP VIM Role Error in a Workflow or Restart
  • Workflow After Fixing a Role Error
  • Reassigning Work Items Belonging to Another User
  • Releasing Invoice Lock for Invoice Approval
  • Administering Workflows
  • Administering DP Processing and DP Invoices: DP stands for Document Processing
  • Using the SAP Early Watch Service: The SAP early watch service checks and analyzes in order to optimize the performance of SAP solutions

Using VIM Notifications

  • Multiple Back-end System
  • Administering Central Reporting
  • Downloading Data from SAP for ICC Integration
  • Administering the ICC Dispatcher
  • Administering the EDI Support
  • Working with the Application Log
  • Administering and Troubleshooting the Approval Portal
  • Running Year End/month End Procedure for Parked Document
  • ICC Configuration Data: SAP VIM ICC stands for Invoice Capture center
  • Archiving VIM Information
  • Archive the DP invoices and the reporting data from Central Reporting (using SARA)

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