SAP VIM Main Tcodes by Topics : Part 2

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Part 2 is the second and final part of SAP OpenText VIM ( Vendor Invoice Management ) Tcodes / Transactions?.

It covers SAP tcodes?for /OPT/VIM_IMG* and some of others important VIM transactions.

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Starting with?/OPT/VIM_IMG*

The Vendor Invoice management Tcodes starting with /OPT/VIM_IMG* are for Customizing and setting up the VIM solution with the business requirement.
For example, the /OPT/VIM_IMG216 allow to configure the Image Display Function.
The path for this tcode is

LiveLink VIM – Configuration > PO Based Invoice?Configuration > Parked Invoice Processing Configuration > Technical?Configuration > Image Display > Image Display Function.

SAP OpenText Tcodes for Autopost Exit & Config

If you want to Configure or Handle the Exit for Autoposting in SAP OpenText Vim, check this list :

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG211 Autopost – Exit FM
/OPT/VIM_IMG212 Autopost – Exit Cash Discount Rule
/OPT/VIM_IMG214 Autopost – Exit Post PSS Method Park
/OPT/VIM_IMG215 Autopost – Exit Pre PSS Method Park
/OPT/VIM_IMG216 Autopost – Exit – Park Document Post
/OPT/VIM_IMG217 Autopost – Config – Post process wf
/OPT/VIM_IMG221 Autopost – Config – Post process wf
/OPT/VIM_IMG227 Autopost Exit – Non PO Parking
/OPT/VIM_IMG302 Autopost – Exit Post PSS Method Bloc

SAP OpenText Approver Reassign Utility Tcodes

In order to maintain Approver Reassign Utility, check the following SAP Transaction Code in VIM:

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG431 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG432 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG433 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG434 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG435 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG439 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG440 Approver Reassign Utility
/OPT/VIM_IMG441 Approver Reassign Utility

PAI & PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report Tcodes

In order to acces the PAI and PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report, you can try one of the following Tcodes:

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG436 PAI Exit for IE Monitor Report
/OPT/VIM_IMG437 PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report
/OPT/VIM_IMG438 PBO Exit for IE Monitor Report

SAP OpenText Tcodes for Credit Memo Document Type

Here the main Transaction Code for VIM Credit Memo Document Type:

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG900 Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG901 Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG902 Credit Memo Document Type

Others /OPT/VIM_IMG* Tcodes

Find here the unsorted list of /OPT/VIM_IMG*

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_IMG121 Preprocess (Exit) Function
/OPT/VIM_IMG122 Workflow Admin – DP
/OPT/VIM_IMG123 Maintain Dynamic Columns – DP
/OPT/VIM_IMG201 Data Collection FM IMG
/OPT/VIM_IMG202 Allowed Document Types
/OPT/VIM_IMG203 Allowed Plants
/OPT/VIM_IMG207 PO Parking PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG208 Option Order Constant
/OPT/VIM_IMG209 Binding FM Config – PSS Step LIX
/OPT/VIM_IMG210 Binding FM Config – T-Code Task
/OPT/VIM_IMG218 Image Display Function Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG220 Data Collection Function – PIR
/OPT/VIM_IMG222 Pre-process wf Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG223 Post-process wf Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG224 Non PO Parking PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG225 PSS Step Exits Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG226 T-Code Step Binding Exits Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG228 Post PSS Method Exit Non Po
/OPT/VIM_IMG229 Pre PSS Method Exit Non Po
/OPT/VIM_IMG230 Parked Document Post Exit Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG231 Allowed Doc Types Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG232 Allowed Plants Non PO
/OPT/VIM_IMG233 Image Display Function Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG234 Parallel Workflow Exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG237 Dynamic Column Config (PO Parking)
/OPT/VIM_IMG238 Dynamic Column Config (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG239 Event Linkage for Processes (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG241 Event Linkage for Processes (Non PO)
/OPT/VIM_IMG242 BTE for Non-Po Invoice Parking
/OPT/VIM_IMG301 PO Blocked Line PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG303 PO Blocked Header PSS Subscreens
/OPT/VIM_IMG304 Send back functionality exit
/OPT/VIM_IMG305 PSS Step Exits Blocked Invoices
/OPT/VIM_IMG306 T-Code Step Binding Exits Blocked Hd
/OPT/VIM_IMG307 Header Level Db Task
/OPT/VIM_IMG309 Multi Language Workitem Text Maint
/OPT/VIM_IMG310 Dynamic Column Config (PO Blocked)
/OPT/VIM_IMG311 Event Linkages (PO Blocked)
/OPT/VIM_IMG401 Event Linkage Terminate App. WF
/OPT/VIM_IMG403 Custom Approver Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG405 Custom Usermap Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG409 Custom Invoice Class (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG412 Resubmit for App. Action Code (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG416 Empty Coding Message
/OPT/VIM_IMG417 Credit Memo Document Type
/OPT/VIM_IMG418 Default Invoice List
/OPT/VIM_IMG419 Coder Default Actions
/OPT/VIM_IMG421 Rejection Reason
/OPT/VIM_IMG422 Supported Currency / Language
/OPT/VIM_IMG423 Display Image Exits
/OPT/VIM_IMG424 Invoice Approval Configuration
/OPT/VIM_IMG428 Usermap Data Source (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG429 Usermap Modify (Exit)
/OPT/VIM_IMG430 Usermap Web Id (Exit)

Check also?SAP VIM BAPI Main BAPI in OpenText: Part 1

If you want to check the SAP openText Tcodes within Topics and more organizaed format by Topics and SubTopics, I recommend checking this article about?SAP VIM Menu Area with Tcodes. It lists the SAP OpenText Standard Menu for easy navigation. Sure it is not containing all the SAP VIM Transaction Codes, but you find the main SAP VIM Codes.

For?SAP VIM Main Tcodes and ?SAP VIM Main Tcodes for SRM Constants and also SAP VIM Tcodes Year Ending Tcodes, just check the first part of SAP Vendor Invoice management Transaction code.

SAP VIM Main Tcodes Miscellaneous

This part covers the missing part of SAP VIM tcodes.

It regoups SAP Tcodes for ?Mailing, license, Year Ending, Summary Report …

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_INIT_PROC Maintain initialization procedure
/OPT/VIM_INV_REVERSE VIM: Reverse Document
/OPT/VIM_KPA1 VIM Key Process Analytics
/OPT/VIM_KPA_CFG Maintain "KPA" related constants
/OPT/VIM_KPI Start KPI Web Dashboard
/OPT/VIM_KPI_CFG Maintain KPI related constants
/OPT/VIM_LICENSE License Report ? Open Text Corp.
/OPT/VIM_LOGSYS Define Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_LOG_CFG Transaction to Configure Log Levels
/OPT/VIM_LOG_SYS Define Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_MAIL_DP Send email to DP processor
/OPT/VIM_MAIL_PSS Send email to unblock Quantity/Price
/OPT/VIM_MAPV External System Data Mapping
/OPT/VIM_MEND_NPO Year end program for NonPO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_MEND_PO Year end program for PO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_NW_SCRN_CFG screen_configuration

This part covers the VIM tcodes for PO Determination, Productivity Report, Role Testing, Summary Report within Other.

Tcodes Description
/OPT/VIM_PAS_DET Posted Approval – Determination
/OPT/VIM_POL PO Line Determination
/OPT/VIM_POL_CFG Maintain "PO Line" related constants
/OPT/VIM_PROD1 VIM Productivity Report
/OPT/VIM_PROEXIT_CFG Maintain "Preprocess Exit" constants
/OPT/VIM_RETRY Maintain the Retries & Time Limit
/OPT/VIM_ROLETEST VIM – Role Test Utility
/OPT/VIM_RPT_DATA_LD Initial Data Load for VIM Report
/OPT/VIM_RPT_SYNC Synchronization Job for VIM Analytic
/OPT/VIM_SLD System Landscape Directory
/OPT/VIM_SR_POINT Mapping of Initializition procedures
/OPT/VIM_SSF_LAUNCH Launch Transaction: CRM SSF support
/OPT/VIM_STR_DET Ship-To-Region Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_SUMM Summary Report
/OPT/VIM_SUMMCONFIG Summary Rep Maintenanc Configuration
/OPT/VIM_SYS_ACTIV Single System Baseline Activation
/OPT/VIM_SYS_DET Maintain System Determination ID
/OPT/VIM_T005 Country settings for VIM
/OPT/VIM_T123 Define Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_TAX_PRO Tax – Province Relationship
/OPT/VIM_TEST_ACTION VIM option testing tool
/OPT/VIM_TEST_UT utility program
/OPT/VIM_UPGRADE VIM Configuration Upgrade Tool
/OPT/VIM_VALROLE_CFG Maintain Validator Role Constants
/OPT/VIM_VAL_ERR_CFG Maintain Validate on Mapping Errors
/OPT/VIM_WF_TMPL_CFG maintain Workflow Template constants

Check the SAP VIM Transaction Code Serie: