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SAP VIM Main Tcodes by Topics : Part 1

SAP VIM Main Tcodes: SAP VIM is a OpenText Solution for Vendor Invoice Management and integration into SAP.

In the following articles, we will discuss the main SAP VIM Tcodes or SAP VIM transaction codes.

In order to simplify, I have decided to split the list of SAP VIM OpenText transaction code into 2 articles

This first list of SAP tcodes will deal with

  • First with the main Tcodes, then tcodes for SAP VIM Documents handling,
  • VIM Customizing and
  • SAP VIM Analytics Tcodes.

For the next part, go SAP VIM Main Transaction Codes-Part 2.

SAP VIM Main Tcodes

Note that the main SAP OpenText VIM Transaction Code start with /OPT/VIM.

Also, SAP VIM relies on other standard SAP tcodes.

Find the list of Open Text SAP VIM Main Tcodes:

/OPT/VIM_1AX1Change Document Type
/OPT/VIM_1AX13Display Document
/OPT/VIM_1AX2Change Process Type
/OPT/VIM_1AX3Send for Rescan
/OPT/VIM_1AX4Display BDC Log
/OPT/VIM_1AX5Delete & Restart
/OPT/VIM_1CX1Index Document Type Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX10Maintain Dynamic Columns
/OPT/VIM_1CX11Check Configuration Consistency
/OPT/VIM_1CX12Document Process Constants
/OPT/VIM_1CX13Document Process BTE Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX14Document Process BADI Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX15Scan Location Definition Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX16Document Priority Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX17Create BC Set for VIM Configuration
/OPT/VIM_1CX18Export BC Set for VIM Configuration
/OPT/VIM_1CX19DP Installation Check
/OPT/VIM_1CX2External Data Mapping
/OPT/VIM_1CX20Document Process BTE Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_1CX3Index Status Definition
/OPT/VIM_1CX4Document Status Mapping
/OPT/VIM_1CX5Duplicate Check Definition
/OPT/VIM_1CX6Maintain Document Number Ranges
/OPT/VIM_1CX7Rescan Reasons
/OPT/VIM_1CX8Obsolete Reasons
/OPT/VIM_1CX9Maintain Doc. Type Det. Procedure
/OPT/VIM_3CX12Expert Mode – Blocked Inv – Change
/OPT/VIM_3CX13Expert Mode – Blocked Inv – Display

/OPT/VIM_7* Tcodes

The next list of the SAP OpenText Transaction codes contains /OPT/VIM_7* and /OPT/VIM_8* Tcodes:

/OPT/VIM_7AX1Document Test : With Imaging
/OPT/VIM_7AX2Document Test : With OCR
/OPT/VIM_7AX3Document Test : No Imaging
/OPT/VIM_7AX7Document Test: With OCR
/OPT/VIM_7AX8Admin Tool
/OPT/VIM_7AX8_DISAdmin Tool
/OPT/VIM_7CX1Approval Baseline COA Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_7CX1_DISApproval Baseline COA Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_7CX2VIM Baseline Wizard

The /OPT/VIM_8* Tcodes

Here the list of /OPT/VIM_8* Transactions codes:

/OPT/VIM_8AX50Check Notification for Me
/OPT/VIM_8CX1Process Type Definition
/OPT/VIM_8CX2Process Option Definition
/OPT/VIM_8CX31Create Parking Reason
/OPT/VIM_8CX32Change Parking Reason
/OPT/VIM_8CX33Display Parking Reason
/OPT/VIM_8CX4Block Reason (Obsolete)
/OPT/VIM_8CX5Process Option (Obsolete)
/OPT/VIM_8CX50Notification Process Configuration
/OPT/VIM_8CX51Excluded Receivers Maintenance
/OPT/VIM_8CX6Role Configuration Wizard (Obsolete)
/OPT/VIM_8CX7Parking Reason Configuration Wizard


The following list contains /OPT/VIM_A* VIM Tcodes :

/OPT/VIM_ABEAnalytics back-end systems
/OPT/VIM_ACO_DETAuto Coding : Determination
/OPT/VIM_AGRAggregation report groups
/OPT/VIM_ASGN_CLNTAssign Client To Logical Systems
/OPT/VIM_ATTAggregation report target tables
/OPT/VIM_AUDITCentral Audit Report

SAP /OPT/VIM_BL* Transaction Code

Here the SAP VIM Transaction Codes starting with /OPT/VIM_BL* are:

/OPT/VIM_BL_CAT_GRPMaintain Invoice Category Group
/OPT/VIM_BL_CAT_MAPMaintain Invoice Category Mapping
/OPT/VIM_BL_GRP_MAPMaintain Inv. Category Group Mapping
/OPT/VIM_BL_INV_CATMaintain Invoice Categories
/OPT/VIM_BL_ITEM_SCRDP Line Item Screen config
/OPT/VIM_BL_NPTXTax Audit Config for NPO Invoices
/OPT/VIM_BL_POAPPO Invoice Approvals Configuration
/OPT/VIM_BL_PTXTax Audit Config for PO Invoices
/OPT/VIM_BL_ROLLOUTRoll Out:Allowed CCode Plant DocType
/OPT/VIM_BL_TAX_CFGTax Code Determination Configuration
/OPT/VIM_BL_TRIVMaintain Triangulation Vendors
/OPT/VIM_BL_UPD_INFOUpdate Inforecord
/OPT/VIM_BL_UTLVUtility Vendors
/OPT/VIM_BL_VAUDVendor Audit List configuration

Here the next part with SAP OpenText Transaction Codes :

/OPT/VIM_CA_TAXTax Code Determination Configuration
/OPT/VIM_CHNLMaintain Channels
/OPT/VIM_CHNL_CFGMaintain the ICC Channels
/OPT/VIM_COCKPITOpen Text:Integrated Invoice Cockpit
/OPT/VIM_EIICVIM Ext. Integrated Invoice Cockpit
/OPT/VIM_EIIC_ADMVIM Ext. Intgr. Inv. Cockpit (Admin)
/OPT/VIM_EIIC_CUSTFDFM to update customer specific field
/OPT/VIM_EIIC_OBJKEYFM to update customer specific field
/OPT/VIM_EIIC_VARCPVIM EIIC: Copy layout variants
/OPT/VIM_EXCP1VIM Exception Analysis Report
/OPT/VIM_FILE_EXTMaintain: Archive doc file extension
/OPT/VIM_FLD_SCHFind Text for Field at Header & Line
/OPT/VIM_ICC_ADV_CFGMaintain OCR Data Update Constants
/OPT/VIM_ICC_VALOCR Validation Determination
/OPT/VIM_IICVIM Integrated Invoice Cockpit
/OPT/VIM_IIC_ADMVIM Intgr. Inv. Cockpit (Admin)
/OPT/VIM_IIC_CUSTFDFM to update customer specific field
/OPT/VIM_IIC_OBJKEYFM to update customer specific field
/OPT/VIM_IIC_VARCPVIM IIC: Copy layout variants

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SAP VIM Main Tcodes SRM Constants

SAP OpenText handles different SRM Constants for customizing.

Here, the main SAP VIM Transaction code for SRM constants for customizing.

/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST2SRM Block process type conf
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST3Price Block Mail config ID in SAP SRM
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST4SRM Price Block Email Func Module
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST5SRM Quantity Block Proxy Role
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST6Price Block Proxy Role in SRM
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST7SRM Price Block Delay days
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST8Scenario type for SRM
/OPT/VIM_SRM_ZCONST9SRM Mail config ID for QTY Block

SAP VIM Tcodes Year Ending Tcodes

In Open Text, in order to customize and run Year End, run the following the SAP VIM Tcodes

/OPT/VIM_YEND_AUDITOpentext Year end processing Audit
/OPT/VIM_YEND_LOGYear end program for PO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_YEND_NPOprogram for NonPO based Inv Year end
/OPT/VIM_YEND_NPO_CLYear end cleanup program for NonPO
/OPT/VIM_YEND_POYear end program for PO based Inv
/OPT/VIM_YEND_PO_CLcleanup program for PO Inv for Year end

Go to SAP VIM Main Tcodes Part 2 for the next list of SAP OpenText Transaction Code.