Step by Step Guide To Create Sap Down Payment with VIM

SAP VIM OpenText

This article will detail how to create a SAP Down Payment with VIM or Vendor Invoice Manangement.
The whole workflow will be detail from Document Creation To Posting the FI Document.

Step by Step SAP Down Payment Workflows

Instead of using the starting point of the process, this guide simulated scanning and identification of Invoice in VIM.

Simulation of Document

Tcode: /OPT/VIM_7AX1
This is the Testing Program for Non-OCR Scenario.

Fill on Archive Id & Archive Document Id and DP Document Type.
Then execute the document.


Run Business Rules

Execute the Business Rules to check document is OK with Business Validation Rule.
( for example, checking the scanned Vendor really exist in SAP KNA1 and it’s opened for the Sales Org. )

VIM Run Business Rule

Submit Document for Approval

Once the document is created, the document have to be improved.
To trigger the Approval workflow, press the ‘Submit For Approval’ in the Process Options for Accountant.
The receiver of the task will read from VIM’s Users table.

VIM Approval
The next pop-up tells who will approve this down payment.

Approve the document


Post Down Payment

Once the document is approuved, a new option appears in Process Options: Post DownPayment

SAP VIM Post Down Payment

Create Down Payment Invoice

The final step is to create an invoice ( FI Document ) for this down payment.

SAP VIM Create Down Payment Request

Technical Side for Down Payment

For SAP Down Payment, please consider these technical points:

Main Table

The keys tables for Down Payment are:

Table Description
BKPFSAP Accounting Document Header

Writing to BKPF

Before Posting

Before posting the VIM document, there is no FI document created
So No record for the document ID in BKPF will be found.
Only a document Id refers to the created request in /OPT/VIM_1HEAD

After Posting

Posting of SAP Down Payment will create the SAP Document in BKPF.
The process will be in the function module /OPT/VIM_CALL_IDX_TRANSACTION
where bdcid eq ‘00803’ . ” Post Down Payment

CHECK bdcid EQ '00803'.

Down Payment Approval Function

Sap Down Payment Approval is handled in the SAP function module /ORS/000007_TAKE_ACTION
With the action ok_code EQ ‘APPROVE’.

CHECK ok_code EQ 'APPROVE' .

Identify Down Payment

In table BKPF, down payment are identified by BLART = ‘KA’


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