SAP VIM Menu Area with Tcodes

SAP Vendor Invoice Management SAP VIM Main Tcodes

SAP VIM Menu: In OpenText Vendor Invoice Management solution for SAP, SAP VIM offers a complete SAP VIM Menu with all relevants shortcuts to SAP VIM Tcodes.
In this post, The SAP VIM Menu will be detail.

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SAP VIM Menu Tcodes

DP Document

This section regroups all relevant actions for DP document and shorcuts to testing programs for OCR and non OCR scenario :

VIM Functionality Tcodes Description
DP Document /OPT/VIM_7AX8 ICC Admin Tool
DP Document /OPT/VIM_1AX13 Display DP Document
DP Document /OPT/VIM_7AX1 Non?OCR Scenario
DP Document /OPT/VIM_7AX2 OCR Scenario


This section helps managing VIM agent and SAP user. There are Roles and Organization maintenance SAP tcodes shortcuts.

Topic SubTopic Tcodes Description
Roles/OPT/CP_T914 Link Product code and Object type
Roles/OPT/CP_9CX2 Template Maintenance
Roles/OPT/CP_9CX5 Role Maintenance
Roles/OPT/CP_9CX4Simple Mode Role Maintenance
Roles/PTGWFI/ORG Org Maintenance Utility
Roles/OPT/CP_9CX10 Fail_Safe Role Maintenance
Roles/OPT/VIM_ROLETEST Role Test Utility
Roles Invoice Approvals /OPT/VIM_7CX1 Chart of Authority Maintenance
Roles Invoice Approvals /OPT/BL_APR_CONF Coder/Approver Options Configuration

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WF Admininstration

This section is for Workflow Administation important SAP VIM tcodes

Topic Tcodes Description
WF/ORS/UMREASSIGNED Reassignment Utility
WFSWI1 Workflow Log
WF/OPT/REMINDER Reminders Program
WF/PTGWFI/M_LANG WI text update Utility
WFSM30 General Global Customizing settings

Runtime Tools

This SAP VIM Area covers Vim Runtine Tools

Topic ?Tcodes Description
Runtime /OPT/VIM_ROLETEST Role Test Utility
Runtime /OPT/VIM_TEST_ACTION?Process option Test Utility


Within the most important SAP VIM functionnality is the Reporting.
The most important tcodes for Reporting in Vendor Invoice Management are:

SAP VIM OpenText offers two kind of reporting:

Periodic Processing

For Periodic Processing in OpenText VIM, check the following SAP Tcodes

Topic ?Frequency Tcodes Description
Periodic Year End Run/OPT/VIM_YEND_PO Year End Report Run
Periodic Year End Run/OPT/VIM_YEND_NPO Year End Report Run
Periodic Year End Run/OPT/VIM_YEND_LOG Year End Run Log
Periodic Month End Run /OPT/VIM_MEND_PO?Month End Report Run
Periodic Month End Run /OPT/VIM_MEND_NPO Month End Report Run
Periodic/OPT/VIM_ANALYTICS?VIM Analytics
Periodic/OPT/VAN_LIABILITY?Current Liability Report

Central Reporting

Topic Tcodes Description
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_IIC Integrated Invoice Cockpit
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_AGING Aging Report
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_SUMM Summary Report
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_AUDIT Audit Report
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_EXCP1 Exception Analysis Report
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_KPA1 Key Process Analytics
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_LICENSE License Report
Central Reporting /OPT/VIM_PROD1 Productivity Report

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This SAP VIM Menu section regroups all SAP Tcodes for OpenText Customizing:

Topic Tcodes Description
VIM Customization /OPT/SPRO OpenText Customization
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_8CX50 Notification Configuration
VIM Customization SPRO SAP Customization
VIM Customization SWL1 Dynamic Column Customization (General)
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_VAUD Vendor Audit List Configuration
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_UTLV Utility Vendors
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_POAP PO Invoice Approval Configuration
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_PTX Tax Audit Configuration for PO Invoices
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_NPTX Tax Audit Configuration for NPO Invoices
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_TAX_CFG Tax Code Determination Configuration
VIM Customization /OPT/VIM_BL_TRIV Maintain Triangulation Vendors


The SAP VIM Tcode for?Open Text: Central Reporting Baseline Activation Utility is

/OPT/VIM_SYS_ACTIV Central Reporting Baseline Activation Utility


This section covers some SAP Tcodes cross-SAP but usefull for SAP VIM

  • SE80 SAPobject Browser
  • PFTC Workflow browser
  • SO10 Text Object Browser

How to launch SAP VIM Menu

SAP VIM Menu for OpenText can be launched by going to transaction area and set /N/OPT/VIM

SAP VIM Menu Launch

The SAP VIM Menu will displayed like following and classified by Topics and Subtopics.

SAP VIM Menu Part 1
(Click to enlarge)
SAP VIM Menu Part 2
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