SAP Screen Personas Overview – The Started Kit for Personas

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SAP Screen Personas Overview (started kit) regroups some importants information about Personas: Roles, Service, how to launch and the main Tcodes for Personas.

Screen Personas Roles

SAP Screen Personas Roles post will detail the required roles to be assigned in order to use SAP Screen Personas.

SAP Screen Personas Roles list

In this section,?you will assign Personas role(s) for the specified user(s). You can either use the preconfigured shipped roles or create new ones.
o Go to transaction SU01, select a user and under the Roles tab, enter one of the following preconfigured roles:


/PERSONAS/ADMIN_ROLE (for full rights to all Personas features)


/PERSONAS/EDITOR_ROLE (for full access to all flavor- and theme-editing features, but not the administration functions)


/PERSONAS/CONSUMER_ROLE (for read-only / rendering access to Personas flavors)

SAP Screen Personas Service

Personas Service Overview’s post will specify the Services to be activated in order to enable Personas.

SAP Personas Service

In order to activate the SAP Screen Personas, you need to activate 3 services.

Go to SICF and check that the following services are activated.

  • /default_host/sap/bc/personas
  • /default_host/sap/bc/personas3
  • /default_host/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui

Additionnal Check for Personas Services

Ensure and test that the webgui service is fully operational

Verify that the personas service has the following GUI Configuration parameters:

  • ~WEBGUI =?1
  • ~XSRFCHECK =?1
  • ~THEME =?sap_bluecrystal
  • SAP-IE =?edge
  • SAP-HTMLRENDERMODE =?standards

How to launch SAP Personas

Option 1:

Go to SAP Transaction SICF, under the Service Hierarchy SERVICE, launch the service name personas.

Option 2:

Launch directly the URL for Personas service: http(s)://{host.domain:port}/sap/bc/personas?sap-ie=edge

SAP Personas Tcodes

SAP Tcodes Description
/PERSONAS/ADMINSAP Screen Personas Administration
/PERSONAS/ANALYTICSMeasuremement Maintenance
/PERSONAS/DEMOTransaction for Personas demo apps.
/PERSONAS/FLAVORSFlavor Maintenance
/PERSONAS/ICONSIcon Maintenance
/PERSONAS/RESOURCESResource Maintenance
/PERSONAS/ROLESRole Maintenance
/PERSONAS/TEMPLATESTemplates Maintenance
/PERSONAS/TESTSAP Screen Personas Test Suite
/PERSONAS/THEMESTheme Maintenance
/PERSONAS/USERSUser Maintenance

SAP Personas Best Ressources

Check the following links if you want to learn more and deep into Screen Personas.