SAP Screen Personas 3.0 Best Practices’s post will explain how to download and install the Best Practices in order to create your Screen Personas in addition to Fiori like screens.

Best Practices for Personas 3.0 : Overview

SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution provides best practices for the following areas:*

  • SAP Screen Personas set-up and configuration
  • Fiori style guidelines to design and develop SAP Screen Personas flavors
  • Different designs of pre-built flavors that demonstrate variety and possibility of SAP Screen Personas

Fiori inspired SAP Screen Personas Flavors for predefined business processes based on SAP Best Practices Baseline package

  • Sales Order Processing
  • Quotation for Procurement
  • Credit Management
  • Performance tricks and tips
  • Useful scripting SAP Best Practices Content and examples
  • Administration tool, transport management, authorization and roles and flavor migration
  • Optimization of services offerings

SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution Scope

SAP Screen Personas RDS

As you can see, the SAP Screen Personas Rapid-development Solution covers within :

  • Set up and configuration : with
    • Configuration Guide
    • Quick Guide
  • Enablement :
    • Script Best Practices and Examples
    • Fiori Style Guidelines
  • Some Pre-built Screen Personas covers Business Content case:
    • credit Management
    • Quotation for Procurement
    • Sales Order Processing
  • Optimization
    • Leverage Fiori Simplicity in Screen Personas Flavors
  • Go-Live
    • Best Practices for Administration Tasks
    • Performance Tips and Tricks

Installation of SAP Screen Personas RDS

Here the different Steps to install and enable the SAP Screen Personas RDS

  1. Visit first at all the SAP Screen Personas rapid-deployment solution’s page
  2. Verify that the scope andsoftware and delivery requirementsare compatible with your requirement and system
  3. Hit on the orange button on the right-hand sideDownload package(you will be registered or to register into SAP Service Marketplace)
  4. Select the link Installation of SAP Screen Personas RDS
  5. Download and extract the ZIP file to your local hard disk. Note that All the Documentation is available on offline with the downloaded package
  6. Open the Content Library by opening start.htm

SAP Screen Personas RDS requirements

For requirements for SAP Screen Personas 3.0 SP01, please refer to SAP note 2175479, particularly with regard to up-to-date information on SAP Kernel. SAP Screen Personas 3.0 RDS can be installed granting that all the requirement is installed.

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