SAP PP Tcodes – Production Planning Transactions Codes in SAP: list of Important Tcodes in SAP PP Classified by Topics / PP Objects.

The Main Topics covered here are: SAP Tcodes for Routing, Capacity, Planning, BOM, Order Closing and Order Planning in SAP PP.

SAP PP Tcodes for Routing (transaction codes)

Let’s start by a short definition of Routing in SAP Planning Production.

A representation of how you process work on your floor. Typically, a routing is made up of a series of operations, also called routing steps. However, a routing may include other steps, such as Hold or Scrap, or other routing.

The Main Routing transaction codes in SAP PP are:

SAP PP Routing Tcodes Description
CA01Create a new Routing
CA02Change Routing in SAP PP
CA03Display SAP PP Routing
CA11Create reference operation set
CA12Change reference operation set
CA13Display reference operation set
CA21Create Rate routing
CA22Change and Display rate routing
CA23Display rate routing
CA31Create reference rate routing
CA32Change reference rate routing
CA33Display reference rate routing
CA85 Replace work center
CA95 Replace reference operation set/reference rate routing
CA75 This transaction code is used for Replace PRT
CA97 Schedule material masters
CA96 Update material masters
CA99 Update material masters With archiving
CA98 Update material mastersWithout archiving
CA70 PRT use
CA90 Reference operation set usage
CA80 Work center usage
CA51 Print list
CA60 Routing changes
CA63 Rate routing display documents
CA64 Reference rate routing change documents

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SAP PP Tcodes for Planning

Here the main list of Transaction Codes for Planning in SAP PP:

SAP PP Planning Tcodes Description
MD25 / MD26 / MD27Create/Change/Display planning calendar respectively.
MDL1 / MDL2 / MDL3Create/Change/Display production lot respectively.
MD01 Total planning online
MDBT Total planning in background
MD03 This transaction code is used for Single-item /single-level planning
MD02 Single-item/ multi-level planning
MD43 Interactive single-item planning
MD50 Multi-level/ make-to-order planning
MD51 Multi-level project planning
MD20/ MD21 Create/Display planning file entry respectively.
MD11 / MD12 Create/Display planned order respectively.
MD13 / MD16 Individual and collective access of planned order respectively
MDLD print MRP list.
MD61/ MD62 / MD63 Create/Change/Display planned independent requirements respectively
MS31/ MS32 / MS33 Create/Change/Displayy planning scenario respectively
MF50/ MF52 Change/Display planning table respectively.
CO01/ CO02/ CO03 Create/Change/Display production control order respectively.

SAP PP Tcodes for BOM in SAP PP

Here the list of the important Tcodes in SAP PP for BOM (Bill-Of-Material).

SAP PP BOM Tcodes Description
CS01Create BOM
CS02ModifySAP BOM Tcode
CS03Display BOM.
CS11Explode BOM level by level single and multi level
CS12Explode multi-level BOM
CS13Display summarized BOM
CS03Display single-level BOM

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SAP Order Planning tcodes

For Order Planning in SAP PP ,the main Transaction Codes are:

SAP Order Planning tcodes Description
OPL8Order type parameters: Overview
OPK4Confirmation Parameters
OPJJMaintain Scope of Check
OPJKMaintain Control
OPKPShop floor control profile
OPJHOrder types production order
OPK8Maintain print control prod. orders
OPK0Confirmation Parameters PP
OPJ2Production order stock determination
OPJBSpecify system messages
OPJGMaintain Default Values
OPJ8Maintain Operation Control Key
OPJFAutomatic Selection
OPKAMaintain Movement Types
OPLEStrategy types: Batch determ. (prod)

SAP Order Closing Tcodes in SAP PP

Order Closing in SAP Production Planning can be managed using the following SAP PP Tcodes:

SAP PP Capacity TCodes Description
CO78Archiving orders
COA1PP: Archiving orders : preparation
COA3PP: Archiving orders : retrieval
COA2SAP PP: Archiving orders
COA9PP: Archiving delete orders
COA4PP: Archiving order : administration

SAP PP Tcodes for Capacity

Capacity in SAP PP is:
Capacity is the ability to perform a certain task.
Capacities are divided into capacity categories. They are arranged hierarchically below the resource.*
The whole list of SAP Transaction Codes for Capacity in SAP PP are:

SAP PP Capacity TCodes Description
CM21 Capacity leveling work center view Capacity planning table
CM22 Capacity leveling work center view Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM27 Capacity leveling individual capacity view Capacity planning table
CM28 Capacity leveling individual capacity view Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM31 Capacity planning table forCapacity leveling order view
CM23 Capacity leveling order view Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CM25 Variable capacity leveling: Online
CM40 Execute in the background Variable capacity leveling:
CM41 Variable capacity leveling: Background log
CM32 Capacity leveling project view Capacity planning table
CM26 Capacity leveling project view Capacity planning table (tabular form)
CN22 / CN23 Capacity requirements Change/display network respectively
MD12 / MD13 Capacity requirements Change/ display planned order respectively
CM01 This transaction code is used for Capacity evaluation work center view: Load
CM02 Capacity evaluation work center view: Orders
CM03 Capacity evaluation work center view: Pool
CM04 Backlog: Capacity evaluation work center view
CM05 Capacity evaluation work center view: Overload
CM07 Variable capacity evaluation
CM50Extended evaluation: Work center view
CM51 Extended evaluation: Individual capacity view
CM52 This transaction code is used for extended evaluation: Order view
CM53 Extended evaluation: Project view: WBS element/operation
CM54 Extended evaluation: Project view: Version
CM55 Work center/Version : Extended evaluation

SAP PP Transaction Code PDF

Here the SAP PP Transaction Codes in PDF Format so it is easy to print or to make research within.

You can download the more complete list of Transaction Codes in SAP PP here.

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