Best Ressources to Learn Javascript for ABAP Developers

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Best Ressources to Learn Javascript for ABAP Developers: Collection of the best ressourses to learn JS for any SAP ABAP Developers (Books, Links and videos).

Master all you need to know about JS in order to understand the SAP New UI Technology : SAPUI5, Fiori and UI Add-on on SRM …

Javascript for ABAP Recommended Books

JavaScript for ABAP Developers (SAP PRESS E-Bites Book 1)

Are you an ABAP developer looking to expand your horizons to SAPUI5 and SAP HANA? Your first step is to understand JavaScript, and this e-book from the leading SAP publisher will show you how.

Learn the basic principles behind JS, including its variables, operators, and control structures. Then find out how to use selectors and events, DOM functions, and AJAX technology in the jQuery library.

With step-by-step instructions and sample code, this e-book will help?firstyou build a firm foundation in JavaScript then to propel your SAP programming career forward!

– Learn the language that is the foundation of SAPUI5
– Understand JavaScript?s basic principles: variables, operators, and control structures
– Use DOM functions, and AJAX technology in the jQuery library*
JavaScript for ABAP Developers (SAP PRESS E-Bites Book 1)

JavaScript for ABAP Developers (SAP PRESS E-Bites Book 1)

?JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers

Easily master JavaScript (JS) with this quick guide and develop mobile and desktop applications for SAP Fiori. This guide equips ABAP/SAP developers with essential topics to get started with JS.

The prime emphasis of JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers is on the parts of the JS language that are useful from the perspective of an ABAP developer.

The book starts with a brief intro of HTML, the basics of JS, and how to create and run a simple JS program. It then dives into the details of the language, showing how to make simple programs.

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It covers loops in detail, mathematical operations, and string and regular expression in JS, as well as a taste of functions, followed by objects and object-oriented programming in JavaScript.

Finally, it reviews a small SAP application made in SAP UI5 development library. The book provides:

  • Ample code examples and screenshots to help the reader to fully understand JS
  • A chapter on JS best practices and recommendations
  • Differences and comparisons between the elements and data structures of ABAP and those of JavaScript to help the reader master the material more quickly

What you?ll learn

  • Create and run a simple JavaScript program
  • Understand loops, operations, and expressions in JS
  • Create and Use functions in JavaScript
  • Use objects and object-oriented programming in JS
  • Apply to the essentials of the powerful jQuery library
  • Learn how to apply JS techniques to build SAP Fiori applications

Who This Book Is For

SAP/ABAP developers, senior ABAP developers, SAP beginners, SAP programmers, SAP ABAP mobility developers, and students learning ABAP and Javascript.

The target audience will be SAP professionals, beginner and experienced ABAP users, and university students. This book will serve as an alternative to costly courses in JavaScript.

JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers: A Guide to Mobile and Desktop Application Development
JavaScript Essentials for SAP ABAP Developers: A Guide to Mobile and Desktop Application Development

Recommend Javascript Books

Video on Javascript for ABAP Programmers

If you prefer rather watching Videos tutoials than reading books or online, here a serie of Tutorials compossed by 7 sections how to learn JS.

Others Ressources JS for ABAP

Top 10 things ABAP developers should know when learning JavaScript

Let’s start with this excellent blog post on SDN on Top 10 things ABAP Developers should know when learning Javascript.
To keep it short here the 10 especially relevant points:

  1. JavaScript is not a toy language
  2. The JS?language is different from ABAP: it explains the big conception lines between ABAP and JAvascript Programming
  3. JavaScript is loosely typed vs ABAP strongly typed:
    In this point, the authoer details how ABAP is strongly types (you may even get a program dumb if the type is not the right way) Vs how Javascript is typed-free language.
  4. ABAP and JavaScript use different OO techniques:
    ABAP OO adopts a classical approach on Class. Meanwhile, JS is lightweight on Classes and inheritance is handled using prototypal inheritance
  5. In JavaScript Functions are First Class
  6. You need to learn what a Closure is ?
  7. JavaScript is extremely tolerant of coding errors
  8. In JavaScript your coding style is really important
    such Use open brackets at the end of the line and Take care with equality operators
  9. JavaScript has no standard IDE: this point make a huge gap different !
  10. JavaScript has only two books you need to read

?The JavaScript Programming Language lecture on Youtube

In this 2007 presentation at Yahoo!, which is meant to be the beginning of a three-course sequence (followed by “Theory of the DOM” and then “Advanced JavaScript”), Douglas Crockford explores not only the language as it is today but also how the language came to be the way it is.

Note: there’s a title at the opening that claims this is “Part 1 of 4”, but this video contains all four parts edited together. No need to go searching for the missing parts.

Other Links for Javascript for ABAP Programmers

A great set of lessons by Chris Whealy takes you to the next level of detail, they?re available on SCN JavaScript for ABAP Developers (Updated).

A series of tutorials on using JavaScript in XSJS and SAPUI5 by David Brookler, also on SCN?look good and go into more detail than I have above on various topics.

A good, free, introduction that assumes no prior programming knowledge is Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbeke. Thanks to Fred Verheul for suggesting this in the comments.? This book has been praised by none other than JavaScript?s creator Brendan Eich.