Most Important SAP QM Tcodes (Quality Management Transaction Codes)

I tried in this article to compile the commonly used SAP QM Tcodes. The Standard Reports (tcodes) are classified by Business topics you can easily navigate through.

The topics covered here are:

  • SAP QM Tcodes for Quality Planning
  • SAP QM Tcodes for Quality Inspection
  • The SAP QM Transaction Codes for Quality Certificates
  • SAP Tcodes for Quality Notification
  • Transaction Codes for Quality control
  • Tcodes for Test Equipment Management

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SAP QM Quality Planning

Inspection Planning

The main Transaction codes in Quality Planning for SAP QM Inspection Planning are:

TCode Description
CC04 Display Product Structure
QP05 Print Task Lists (General)
QP08 Print Task Lists for Material
QP06 Missing or Unusable Task Lists (General)
QP07 Missing or Unusable Inspection Plans in Procurement
CA90 Where-Used List for Reference Operation Set
QP60 Display Task List Changes

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Basic Data

In order to manage the Basic Data in Quality Planning, here the list of QM Tcodes for :

TCode Description
QS28 Inspection Characteristic List
QS26 Where-Used List for Master Inspection Characteristic
QS38 Inspection Method List
QS36 Where-Used List for Inspection Method
QS36 Where-Used List for Inspection Method
CA80 Where-Used List for Work Center
CA70 Production Resources/Tools Where-Used List
QS49 Code Groups and Codes
QS59 Selected Sets
QDB3 Assign Sampling Procedures to Dynamic Modification Rules

Logistic Master Data

The next step is the SAP QM Tcodes for Logistic Master Data.


First SAP QM Transaction codes for Material are:

TCode Description
QK02 QM Orders
QA08 Inspection Setup

SAP QM Tocdes for Batch

The main SAP QM Tcodes for BAtch in SAP Quality Management are:

TCode Description
MB56 Display Usage
MB5M Expiration Date List
COEBR Batch Record

SAP QM Procurement Tcodes

Within the most important Procurement Tcodes in SAP QM ( Quality Management)

TCode Description
QI05 QM Control Key
QI06 QM Info Record
QV04 Quality Assurance Agreement
QV14 Technical Delivery Terms

Sales and Distribution

SAP QM Transaction Codes for Sales And Distribution are:

TCode Description
QV24 Quality Assurance Agreement
QV34 Technical Delivery Terms

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SAP QM Quality Inspection

Inspection Lot

In SAP QM (Quality Management SAP Module), “Order for a quality inspection of a specific quantity of a location product, where the processing of the quality inspection and inspection lot takes place in SAP.” (source:

Here the main SAP QM Tcodes for Inspection Lot classified by sub topics: Material, Vendor, Customer and Job Overview Inspection Lot Transaction Code:

Key Figures For Material

Within SAP QM Inspection Lot, Material SAP Tcodes are:

TCode Description
MCXA Overview of Lots
MCXC Overview of Quantities
MCXE Quality Scores
MCXG Lot Numbers
MCXI Quantities
MCXM Location/Dispersion

Key Figures For Vendor

Vendor in SAP QM Inspection Lot can be managed using the following SAP Tcodes:

TCode Description
MCVA Overview of Lots
MCVC Overview of Quantities
MCVE Quality Scores
MCVG Lot Numbers
MCVI Quantities
MCVM Location/Dispersion

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Key Figures For Customer

Customer Tcodes in SAP QM Inspection Lot are:

TCode Description
MCOA overview of Lots
MCOC Overview of Quantities
MCOE Quality Scores
MCOG Lot Numbers
MCOI Quantities
MCOM Location/Dispersion
QA33 List (Inspection Lot Selection)
QGA1 Time Line for Quality Scores

Job Overview

The last part for SAP QM Inspection Lot Tcodes are the Job Overview:

TCode Description
QA06 Deadline Monitoring of Batches
QA52 Source Inspection
QA18 Automatic Usage Decision – General
QA42 Automatic Usage Decision – Orders
QD35 Delete Quality Levels

SAP QM Inspection Result Tcodes

Once Inspection Lot are fixed and the Inespection Process has been passed, the inspection Result should analysed.

Here the main SAP QM Inspection Result Tcodes including: Material, Vendor, Customer, Defects, Quality Level, Control Chart, Digital signature QM Tcodes:

Key Figures for Material

TCode Description
MCXB General
MCXD Quantitative

SAP Key Figures for Vendor Tcodes

TCode Description
MCVB General
MCVD Quantitative

Key Figures for Customer

TCode Description
MCOB General
MCOD Quantitative
QGP1 History for Inspection Characteristic
QGA2 Display

SAP QM Defects Tcodes

“When you process an inspection lot, you can record the results for the inspection in the form of characteristic values or defects. A defect is any property or attribute of a material, product or process that does not meet the inspection characteristic specifications.

You record the defects with the help of predefined defect codes maintained in the inspection catalogs.” (

You can fix the Key Figures for the previous element using these SAP QM Defects Tcodes:

TCode Description
MCXX Key Figures for Material
MCVX Key Figures for Vendor
MCOX Key Figures for Customer

SAP QM Quality Level Tcodes

TCode Description
QDH2 History
QD35 Jobs for Deleting Quality Level

SAP Control Chart Tcodes

TCode Description
QGC1 For Inspection Lots
QGC2 For Inspection Characteristic
QGC3 For Master Inspection Characteristic

Digital signature Tcodes in SAP QM

TCode Description
CJ00 Find SAP QM Digital Signature
DSAL Logs for Digital Signature in SAP QM

SAP QM Quality Certificates

“A quality certificate certifies the quality of goods. The chemical or physical properties of goods can be recorded as: Inspection results or Characteristics for the batch” (source:

The list of main SAP QM Quality Certificates Tcodes are:

TCode Description
QC55 Certificate Receipt Worklist
QC20 Certificates for Deliveries
QC31 Archive Display of Certificate for Delivery Item
QC32 Archive Display of Certificate for Inspection Lot

SAP QM Quality Notification

SAP Notification Tcodes in QM

The most important SAP QM Notification Tcodes are:

TCode Description
MCXV Key figures for material
MCVZ Key figures for vendor
MCOV Key figures for customer
QM11 List
QM19 Multi-level list
QM50 Timeseries analysis

SAP QM Transaction Codes for Item

TCode Description
MCXP Key figures for material
MCVP Key figures for vendor
MCOP Key figures for customer
QM15 List
QM13 List of tasks

SAP QM Tcodes for Quality control

TCode Description
QGA4 General QM Evaluations

SAP QM Tcodes Equipment Management

Equipment Tcodes in SAP QM

Regarding the Equipment, you may check the following SAP QM Equipment Management Tcodes:

TCode Description
IH08 Display Data
IE07 Equipment List (Multilevel)
QGP2 Calibration Results History
QGD1 Usage History
QGD2 Tracking

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The SAP QM Maintenance Tcodes

TCode Description
IH08 Display Data
IE07 Equipment List (Multilevel)
QGP2 Calibration Results History
QGD1 Usage History
QGD2 Tracking

SAP Calibration Inspection Tcodes

TCode Description
QS26 Where-Used List for Inspection Characteristic
QS36 Where-Used List for Inspection Method
QS36 Where-Used List for Inspection Method
QA18 Jobs for Automatic Usage Decision

You can visit the source of the SAP QM standard report on SDN SAP Standard QM Report.