SAP KNVV: Customer Master Sales Data

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SAP KNVV is the standard table for SAP Customer Master Sales Data.
It contains all relevant data for a SAP customer for Sales Operation.

Display SAP Customer Sales Data

In order to display the SAP customer Sales Data, launch the tcode XD03.

You can select:

  • all the Sales Areas
  • Customer’s Sales Areas


SAP KNVV stores Sales Data for customer.
The Keys for this table are based on SAP Customer Number (KUNNR) and Sales Area (built with Sales Org + Distribution Channel + Division).
So the Keys for SAP KNVV are:

  • KUNNR Customer Number
  • VKORG Sales Organization
  • VTWEG Distribution Channel
  • SPART Division

Check also how toUpdate Customer with CMD_EI_API


The Structure of SAP KNVV table is

KUNNRCustomer NumberKNA1
VKORGSales OrganizationTVKO
VTWEGDistribution ChannelTVTW
ERNAMName of Person who Created the Object
ERDATDate on Which Record Was Created
BEGRUAuthorization Group
LOEVMDeletion flag for customer (sales level)
VERSGCustomer Statistics GroupTVSD
AUFSDCustomer order block (sales area)TVAST
KALKSPricing procedure assigned to this customerTVKD
KDGRPCustomer groupT151
BZIRKSales districtT171
KONDAPrice group (customer)T188
PLTYPPrice list typeT189
AWAHROrder probability of the item
INCO1Incoterms (Part 1)TINC
INCO2Incoterms (Part 2)
LIFSDCustomer delivery block (sales area)TVLS
AUTLFComplete delivery defined for each sales order?
ANTLFMaximum Number of Partial Deliveries Allowed Per Item
KZTLFPartial delivery at item level
KZAZUOrder Combination Indicator
CHSPLBatch split allowed
LPRIODelivery PriorityTPRIO
EIKTOShipper's (Our) Account Number at the Customer or Vendor
VSBEDShipping ConditionsTVSB
FAKSDBilling block for customer (sales and distribution)TVFS
MRNKZManual invoice maintenance
PERFKInvoice dates (calendar identification)TFACD
PERRLInvoice list schedule (calendar identification)TFACD
KVAKZCost estimate indicator (inactive)
KVAWTValue limit for cost estimate (inactive)
KLABCCustomer classification (ABC analysis)
KTGRDAccount assignment group for this customerTVKT
ZTERMTerms of Payment Key
VWERKDelivering Plant (Own or External)TVKWZ
VSORTItem proposalVBUK
KVGR1Customer group 1TVV1
KVGR2Customer group 2TVV2
KVGR3Customer group 3TVV3
KVGR4Customer group 4TVV4
KVGR5Customer group 5TVV5
BOKREIndicator: Customer Is Rebate-Relevant
BOIDTStart of validity per.for the rebate index for the customer
KURSTExchange Rate TypeTCURV
PRFRERelevant for price determination ID
PRAT1ID for product attribute 1
PRAT2ID for product attribute 2
PRAT3ID for product attribute 3
PRAT4ID for product attribute 4
PRAT5ID for product attribute 5
PRAT6ID for product attribute 6
PRAT7ID for product attribute 7
PRAT8ID for product attribute 8
PRAT9ID for product attribute 9
PRATAID for product attribute 10
KABSSCustomer payment guarantee procedureT691P
KKBERCredit control areaT014
CASSDSales block for customer (sales area)
RDOFFSwitch off rounding?
AGRELIndicator: Relevant for agency business
MEGRUUnit of Measure GroupTWMEG
UEBTOOverdelivery Tolerance Limit
UNTTOUnderdelivery Tolerance Limit
UEBTKUnlimited overdelivery allowed
PVKSMCustomer procedure for product proposalTPVD
PODKZRelevant for POD processing
PODTGTimeframe for Confirmation of POD
BLINDIndex Structure Active for Subsequent Settlement (in AB)
CARRIER_NOTIFCarrier is to be notified
CVP_XBLCK_VBusiness Purpose Completed Flag
/BEV1/EMLGPFANDDeposit on Empties
/BEV1/EMLGFORTSIndicator for Empties Update