SAP KNVV: Customer Master Sales Data

SAP KNVV is the standard table for SAP Customer Master Sales Data.
It contains all relevant data for a SAP customer for Sales Operation.

Display SAP Customer Sales Data

In order to display the SAP customer Sales Data, launch the tcode XD03.

You can select:

  • all the Sales Areas
  • Customer’s Sales Areas


SAP KNVV stores Sales Data for customer.
The Keys for this table are based on SAP Customer Number (KUNNR) and Sales Area (built with Sales Org + Distribution Channel + Division).
So the Keys for SAP KNVV are:

  • KUNNR Customer Number
  • VKORG Sales Organization
  • VTWEG Distribution Channel
  • SPART Division

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The Structure of SAP KNVV table is

Field Description Checktable
MANDT Client T000
KUNNR Customer Number KNA1
VKORG Sales Organization TVKO
VTWEG Distribution Channel TVTW
ERNAM Name of Person who Created the Object
ERDAT Date on Which Record Was Created
BEGRU Authorization Group
LOEVM Deletion flag for customer (sales level)
VERSG Customer Statistics Group TVSD
AUFSD Customer order block (sales area) TVAST
KALKS Pricing procedure assigned to this customer TVKD
KDGRP Customer group T151
BZIRK Sales district T171
KONDA Price group (customer) T188
PLTYP Price list type T189
AWAHR Order probability of the item
INCO1 Incoterms (Part 1) TINC
INCO2 Incoterms (Part 2)
LIFSD Customer delivery block (sales area) TVLS
AUTLF Complete delivery defined for each sales order?
ANTLF Maximum Number of Partial Deliveries Allowed Per Item
KZTLF Partial delivery at item level
KZAZU Order Combination Indicator
CHSPL Batch split allowed
LPRIO Delivery Priority TPRIO
EIKTO Shipper's (Our) Account Number at the Customer or Vendor
VSBED Shipping Conditions TVSB
FAKSD Billing block for customer (sales and distribution) TVFS
MRNKZ Manual invoice maintenance
PERFK Invoice dates (calendar identification) TFACD
PERRL Invoice list schedule (calendar identification) TFACD
KVAKZ Cost estimate indicator (inactive)
KVAWT Value limit for cost estimate (inactive)
KLABC Customer classification (ABC analysis)
KTGRD Account assignment group for this customer TVKT
ZTERM Terms of Payment Key
VWERK Delivering Plant (Own or External) TVKWZ
VKBUR Sales Office TVBUR
VSORT Item proposal VBUK
KVGR1 Customer group 1 TVV1
KVGR2 Customer group 2 TVV2
KVGR3 Customer group 3 TVV3
KVGR4 Customer group 4 TVV4
KVGR5 Customer group 5 TVV5
BOKRE Indicator: Customer Is Rebate-Relevant
BOIDT Start of validity per.for the rebate index for the customer
KURST Exchange Rate Type TCURV
PRFRE Relevant for price determination ID
PRAT1 ID for product attribute 1
PRAT2 ID for product attribute 2
PRAT3 ID for product attribute 3
PRAT4 ID for product attribute 4
PRAT5 ID for product attribute 5
PRAT6 ID for product attribute 6
PRAT7 ID for product attribute 7
PRAT8 ID for product attribute 8
PRAT9 ID for product attribute 9
PRATA ID for product attribute 10
KABSS Customer payment guarantee procedure T691P
KKBER Credit control area T014
CASSD Sales block for customer (sales area)
RDOFF Switch off rounding?
AGREL Indicator: Relevant for agency business
MEGRU Unit of Measure Group TWMEG
UEBTO Overdelivery Tolerance Limit
UNTTO Underdelivery Tolerance Limit
UEBTK Unlimited overdelivery allowed
PVKSM Customer procedure for product proposal TPVD
PODKZ Relevant for POD processing
PODTG Timeframe for Confirmation of POD
BLIND Index Structure Active for Subsequent Settlement (in AB)
CARRIER_NOTIF Carrier is to be notified
CVP_XBLCK_V Business Purpose Completed Flag
/BEV1/EMLGPFAND Deposit on Empties
/BEV1/EMLGFORTS Indicator for Empties Update