How to Link Between PLKO and PLPO for Routine in SAP

Link between PLKO and PLPO for Routine in SAP will be explain in this post with the definition of each tables involved and a sample ABAP Code to retrieve for a Production Version the Routine.

SAP Routines Tables

Let first introduce the SAP Tables used for Production:

TableSAP Routine Tables
PLKO Task list – header 
PLPO Task list – operation/activity 
PLMZ Allocation of bill of material items to operations 
PLAS Task list – selection of operations/activities 
PLAFPlanned order 
PLFHTask list – production resources/tools 
PLFLTask list – sequences 
PLFTProcess Instructions 
PLFVPI Characteristics/Sub-Operation Parameter Values 
PLKVView of planned order header data�
PLKZTask list  main header
PLMKInspection plan characteristics 
PLMWMAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan) 
PLPHCAPP  Sub-operations
PLPBLong-term planning  Independent requirements versions
PLPWIndex of the production/delivery plant in the planned order 
PLSRScheduling results 
PLSTStatus table for planned order processing 
PLZURouting data for group 

The next step is how to link between theses SAP main tables in SAP PP.

Main Keys fields for

In order to figure out the Link Between PLKO and PLPO, it is important to know the Main keys fields for are:

Key FieldsSAP Routines Tables Key Fields
PLNTYTask List Type Number (for orders from AFKO, for notifications from
PLNNRGroup (for orders from AFKO, for notifications from QMIH)
PLNALGroup Counter (for orders from AFKO, for notifications from QMIH)

Link between PLKO and PLPO

This section will cover the relationship between PLPO and PLKO.
The link between PLKO : Routine Header and PLPO Routine Post is done in the table PLAS.

An example of SAP Select how to retrieve PLAS : Link between PLPO and PLKO

An example SAP Select to retrieve the PLPO with the PLAS-link to PLKO.

An ABAP sample code to retrieve the different link between PLKO and PLPO using PLAS can be :

Link Between PLKO and PLMZ

PLPO is the SAP Table Routine lines and PLMZ Table stores the relationship between the Routine line and the BOM Component.

PLPO Table in SAP, PLKO Table in SAP, PLPO & PLKO Link, PLOK Task List