SAP CRM Marketing attribute of BP

sap pa tcodes, SAP CRM Customer RelationShip Management

SAP CRM Marketing attribute is an important topic in SAP CRM Marketing. It allows collecting extra information on different SAP CRM Data Master like Business Partner.

As the topic of Marketing Attribute is huge, this post will focus only how to read SAP CRM Marketing Attribute of BP (Business Partner).
All the technical side will be explained with BAPI, SAP CRM Tables and a Sample ABAP Code.

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SAP CRM Business Partner Banking Detail

Sap AP Tcodes- SAP CRM Business Partner Banking Detail 2

SAP CRM Business Partner Banking Detail is a main data for SAP CRM BP. It helps organize and collect SAP CRM BP Banking data and accelerate Payment process.

In this post, the SAP CRM Data Model for Business Partner Bank Master Data will be explained and a sample of extraction of SAP CRM BP Bank Data with ABAP Code in SAP CRM.

Also found the list of SAP CRM BP BAPI for Banking (read, update and delete).

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