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SAP CRM Marketing attribute is an important topics in SAP CRM Marketing. It allows to collect?extra information on different SAP CRM Data Master like Business Partner.
As the topic of Marketing Attribute is huge, this post will focus only how to read SAP CRM Marketing Attribute of BP ( Business Partner ).
All the technical side will be explained with BAPI, SAP CRM Tables and a Sample ABAP Code.?

CRM Partner Marketing Attribute


In the SAP CRM Web UI, Marketing attribute are set in the Partner view.
Use for example, the MARKETINGPRO Rule, navigates to Business Partner and open the Marketing Blog. ..Check this link for more detail?Marketing Attributes in CRM WEB UI – Version 6.

For more information about SAP CRM Web UI, check?SAP CRM Web UI ?s post.


In order to display the Marketing Attributes of SAP CRM Partner, launch in the SAP CRM SAPGUI, the SAP CRM Tcode BP.
Alternativelyn if you want to assign Marketing Attribute to SAP CRM Business Partner, launch the SAP Tcode?CRMD_PROF_BP.

Find here More about SAP CRM Business Partner.

SAP CRM Read Marketing attribute?Tables

For Marketing Attributes, the same SAP Tables are used on both ECC and SAP CRM.
Check the list of?SAP Marketing Tables?and the corresponding with SAP CRM Tables for Marketing Attributes.

Mainly, the SAP Table AUSP will store the link between the Mkt Attrib. and the Guid of BP.
CABN table will store the definition of the Attributes.

SAP CRM Read Marketing attribute BAPI

BAPI for SAP CRM Marketing Attribute

The standard CRM BAPI ‘CRM_MKTBP_READ_BP_DATA‘ can retrieve the entire marketing attribute for a SAP CRM Master Data object.
It can be used to read the SAP CRM Business Partner as well as for CONTACT or MATERIAL.
You have to pass the right GUID as input parameter.

The output will be a table of CRMT_MKTPROF_VAL_R which contains:

  • CHARACT Characteristic Name
  • VALUE Characteristic Value
  • INHERITED Indicator: characteristic is inherited
  • VAL_ASSIGN Indicator: Values are Assigned to Characteristic
  • INSTANCE Instance counter
  • VALUE_NEUTRAL Characteristic Value
  • CHARACT_DESCR Characteristic description
  • DESCRIPTION Characteristic description
  • VALUE_ASSIGNMENT Value Assignment: Single-Value, Multiple-Value, Restrictable
  • ATVALUEDESCR Description
  • CHANGED_AT Marketing Object: Date of Last Change
  • CHANGED_BY Marketing Object: Last Changed By

Other BAPI Retreive Marketing Attributes for CRP BP

You can also use the following BAPI


This is the first BAPI to test in order to Read Mkt. Attrib. for BP.


Put the SAP CRM BP Guid in Input and you will get the full list of Martketing Attribut Set.

ABAP Sample: Read Marketing Attribute for CRM BP

The following ABAP code will retrieve all the Marketing Attributes of SAP CRM Business Parnter.
The Partner Number will be passed as input (IV_ACCOUNT) types as BU_PARTNER.

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