SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tcodes – SAP GW Transaction Codes

SAP Netweaver Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tcodes regroups the most important SAP Gateway Tcodes classified by topics and by system.
The SAP GW Hub and SAP Gateway Back-End have different Transactions.

Mainly on the SAP gateway Hub, the SAP GW Tcodes will start with /IWFND/* (FND stands for Foundation).
In the Back End System, the SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tcodes will rather start with /IWBEP/*

In the deployment strategy of SAP Gateway is embedded, does mean, the SAP GW HUB (/IWFND) and the SAP GW BEP (/IWBEP) are on the same SAP System, the Tcodes will be available in the system.

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SAP Gateway Hub Tcodes /IWFND/*

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tcodes Main Hub

The Main Tcodes in SAP GW Hub are

/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEActivate and Maintain Services
/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup of Model Cache
/IWFND/CLEANUPExecute Cleanup
/IWFND/ERROR_LOGGateway Error Log
/IWFND/EXPLORERService Explorer
/IWFND/GW_CLIENTGateway Client
/IWFND/VIEW_LOGGateway Application Log Viewer

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Tcodes Hub for Logging and traces

The following list of Tcodes regroups the most useful Gateway Tcodes for Logging and Traces.

In case of error, check all these SAP GW Transactions

/IWFND/APPS_LOG SAP Gateway Application Log Viewer
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG SAP Gateway Error Log
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG_E2E SAP Gateway Error Log – E2E
/IWFND/VIEW_LOGGateway Application Log Viewer

SAP Gateway Hub Tcodes Others

Miscellaneous Tcodes for Gateway Hub will allow activating and desactiving Gateway, Metadata, handle Notification and configuration of service.

/IWFND/BULK_USER_MAP Transaction to Perform Bulk User Map
/IWFND/EXPLORER Service Explorer
/IWFND/GWO_GEN Data Model Generator
/IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATE Activate / Deactivate Gateway
/IWFND/MED_ACTIVATE Activate/Deactivate Metadata Cache
/IWFND/MOC_PARALLEL Parallelize Multi-Origin Composition
/IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUP Cleanup Notifications
/IWFND/NOTIF_MONITOR Notification Monitor
/IWFND/REG_SERVICE Activate Services
/IWFND/RL_SYNC_PROCS Role Sync Schedule Process
/IWFND/SRV_VALIDATE OData Channel : Service Validator
/IWFND/VIRUS_SCAN Configuration of Gateway Virus Scan

SAP Netweaver Gateway Tcodes for BackEnd /IWBEP/

In the SAP GW Back-End,

SEGWGateway Service Builder

SAP Gateway Tcodes for Cache

As for Hub, The following SAP Gateway Tcodes will help you display and analyze errors and Traces in SAP GW BEP.

/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUP Cleanup of Model Cache
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG GW Backend Error Log
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG_E2E GW Backend Error Log – E2E
/IWBEP/TRACES GW Backend Traces
/IWBEP/VIEW_LOG SAP NetWeaver Gateway Log Viewer

SAP Gateway Tcodes for Administration

When dealing with SAP Gateway Administration, check the following Transactions tcodes to handle the basics part of the Gateway such user, RFC connection, authorizations …

Keep the following list of SAP GW Basis Tcodes in your favorites:

SAP GW Basic Tcodes Description
SU01 User Maintenance
PFCG Profile Generator
SICFMaintain Services
SM59RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)

All SAP NetWeaver Gateway Useful Transaction Codes

All SAP NetWeaver Gateway Useful Transaction Codes:

SAP Gateway TcodeDescription
/IWBEP/ANA_SRV_GENAnalytics Service Generator
/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup of Model Cache
/IWBEP/CONFIG_CHECKCheck Configuration of BEP
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOGGW Backend Error Log
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG_E2EGW Backend Error Log – E2E
/IWBEP/IMPORT_MODELService Description File Importer
/IWBEP/NOTIF_MONITORGW Backend Notification Monitor
/IWBEP/OCI_SRV_GENOData Srvc.(GW) Generator for OSCI
/IWBEP/REG_MODELMaintain Model
/IWBEP/REG_SERVICEMaintain Service
/IWBEP/REG_VOCANMaintain Vocabulary Annotations
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_DELOData Channel : Delete RFC BOP
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_GENOData Channel : Generate RFC BOP
/IWBEP/SBGateway Service Builder
/IWBEP/SBSGateway Service Builder Setup
/IWBEP/TRACESGW Backend Traces
/IWBEP/UM_NR_INTMGW Number Range Interval
/IWBEP/UR_CLEANUPUser Request Clean Up
/IWBEP/VIEW_LOGSAP NetWeaver Gateway Log Viewer
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_DELOData Channel : Delete WS BOP
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_GENOData Channel : Generate WS BOP
/IWCNT/RP_MANAGEManage Reports and their Properties
/IWCNT/RP_SCH_MAINMaintain Sys Timepts/Data Chg. Evnts
/IWCNT/WF_FILTERWorkflow task filter activation
/IWCNT/WF_WEBGUIWeb Gui For Executing Workflow Item
/IWFND/APPS_LOGGateway Application Log Viewer
/IWFND/BEP_RFC_BOP_DRFC BOP deletion for BEP model
/IWFND/BEP_RFC_BOP_GRFC BOP generation for BEP model
/IWFND/BEP_WS_BOP_DWS BOP deletion for BEP model
/IWFND/BEP_WS_BOP_GWS BOP generation for BEP model
/IWFND/BGRFC_CHECKCheck bgRFC Configurations
/IWFND/BOP_RFCGenerator for RFC BOPs
/IWFND/BOP_RFC_CGenerator for Custom RFC BOPs
/IWFND/BOP_RFC_C_DDeletion of Custom RFC BOPs
/IWFND/BOP_WSGenerator for WS BOPs
/IWFND/BOP_WS_DDeletion of WS BOPs
/IWFND/BULK_USER_MAPTransaction to Perform Bulk User Map
/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUPCleanup of Model Cache
/IWFND/CLEANUPExecute Cleanup
/IWFND/CLEANUP_JOBSManage cleanup jobs
/IWFND/ERROR_LOGGateway Error Log
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG_E2EGateway Error Log – E2E
/IWFND/EXPLORERService Explorer
/IWFND/FLAT_SERVICEFlat service generator
/IWFND/GW_CLIENTGateway Client
/IWFND/GWO_GENData Model Generator
/IWFND/IWF_ACTIVATEActivate / Deactivate Gateway
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEActivate and Maintain Services
/IWFND/MED_ACTIVATEActivate/Deactivate Metadata Cache
/IWFND/MGW_BOP_RFCOData Channel : Generate for RFC BOP
/IWFND/MGW_BOP_RFC_CGenerator for Custom RFC BOPs
/IWFND/MGW_BOP_RFC_DOData Channel : Deletion of RFC BOPs
/IWFND/MGW_BOP_WSOData Channel : Generate for WS BOPs
/IWFND/MGW_BOP_WS_DOData Channel : Deletion of WS BOPs
/IWFND/MOC_PARALLELParallelize Multi-Origin Composition
/IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUPCleanup Notifications
/IWFND/NOTIF_MONITORNotification Monitor
/IWFND/REG_SERVICEActivate Services
/IWFND/RL_SYNC_PROCSRole Sync Schedule Process
/IWFND/SRV_VALIDATEOData Channel : Service Validator
/IWFND/TRACESGateway Traces
/IWFND/VIEW_LOGGateway Application Log Viewer
/IWFND/VIRUS_SCANConfiguration of Gateway Virus Scan
/IWFND/WF_WEBGUIWebGUI For Executing Workflow Item
/IWFND/WSS_SETUPConfigure WS Message-Based

Source for the list of the previous table is here.

Source: SAP NetWeaver Gateway T-Code Summary