SAP Gateway Overview : SAP GW Architecture, Deployment and Builder

SAP Gateway Overview 1

SAP Gateway is a NetWeaver Add-on making an online mobile application providing access via SMP to SAP Business Suite using Odata protocol…

SAP Gateway Overview(SAP GW)

SAP Gateway is a NetWeaver Application Server ABAP add-on

  • making an online mobile application
  • providing access via SMP to SAP Business Suite using Odata protocol
  • providing monitoring

SAP Gateway

The advantage of SAP Netweaver Gateway:

  • Open
    SAP GW services are conceived to work on Any device, any platform, any experience
  • People
    SAP GW Services are Optimized for user-interaction scenarios
  • Timeless
    Non-disruptive, any SAP Business Suite version
  • Developers
    Consuming SAP GW Services are based on Simple APIs and no SAP knowledge required
  • Standards
    SAP GW services are standard Based on REST and OData/ATOM

SAP Gateway Architecture

The following Schema represent the SAP GW Architecture.
As you can see, SAP GW is based on two components:

  • IW_BEP : Provides all the mandatory tools to develop and maintain GW Services
  • IW_FND: Provides the conversion and formatting …

SAP Gateway Architecture

SAP GW Deployment

There is two main scenario for SAP GW deploiement: Embedded Deployment and Central hub Deployment.

Embedded deployment

The core software components for SAP NetWeaver Gateway
Any optional backend components are deployed together in the SAP Business Suite backend System.
In others words, Both?Addons IW_BEP & IW_FND are installed to the SAP Business Suite Backend.

This SAP GW scenario is recommended for business-case where changing SAP Business Suite is hard or not preferred.

Central hub deployment

The SAP NetWeaver Gateway core software components can be deployed in a standalone system, either behind or in front of the firewall.
In addition, you can install the optional components for central hub deployment in your standalone system.

IW_BEP is installed on the SAP Business Suite Backend.
IW_FND is installed on a Standalone System.

This scenario is the recommended one in term of deployment and performance.

SAP GW with Odata

OData can be used to access table like structure much the same way ODBC does.
SAP GW Odata Entity

SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder (SEGW)

Developer productivity (low TCD) for ABAP Developer
The SAP NetWeaver Gateway Service Builder provides a tool to centrally display and create the definition of an Odata Service

  • Runtime artifacts (model provider class)
  • Data
  • Odata artifacts (entity set, entity type and properties)
  • Provider class (model and service)
  • Used data sources and models
    • EDMX-Model Import
    • DDIC Import