SAP Mobile Platform SMP Architecture

SMP Architecture

SAP Mobile Platform Overview

SAP Mobile Platform provides seamless end-to-end authentication and security policy integration across the platform without proxies or intermediary configurations.

SMP-Server allows you to configure end-to-end authentication from the client to the back end without a VPN.

The server uses the standard HTTPS protocol to integrate into your existing security landscape without disruption.

  • Native/HTML5/UI frameworks
  • Authentication
  • Security : devices, data, content
  • Administration: error & logging
  • Application versioning and lifecycle management
  • Push notifications
  • Proxy
  • Reporting and analytics

SAP SMP Architecture

Sample SAP Mobility Architecture

SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 Architecture Sample

SAP SMP Securtiy

SMP 3.0 uses X.509 certificate for Authentication. Read more in this article: SAP Mobile Platform Security with X509

More resources on SMP 3.0

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