SAP Mobile Platform Security with Certificate X509

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Certificate X509

Certificate X509 specifies, amongst other things, standard formats for public key certificates, certificate revocation lists, attribute certificates, and a certification path validation algorithm.In cryptography,

X.509 is an ITU-T standard for a public key infrastructure (PKI) and Privilege Management Infrastructure (PMI). *

This article is organised as:

  • X509 Certificate
  • SMP 3.0 Security with X509
  • SAP Mobile Platform Security Architecture
  • More Resources on SMP Authentification

SMP 3.0 Security with Certificate X509

Just want this video and you have the big picture how to SMP 3.0 Security can be secured with X.509 certificate.

SAP Mobile Platform Security Architecture

SMP Security Authentification; Certificate X509

SAP SMP secures all network communications by using HTTPS for all communications across the enterprise.

In SAP Mobile Platform, supported authentication mechanisms include basic authentication, SSO (including SiteMinder), and X.509 certificates.

The following figure illustrates how data flows from the device to the back end using common SAP Mobile Platform security constructs, for example SiteMinder, SAP SSO2 tokens, and the HTTP/HTTPS authentication provider.

More Resources on SMP Authentification

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