SAP CRM Web UI: Guideline SAP CRM User Interface


SAP CRM Web UI: UI Guidelines for CRM WebClient User Interface provide overview on SAP CRM Web Client User Interface (UI). The CRM WebClient UI is a set of various UI elements allowing the user to display, search and maintain Data. It will give the main SAP CRM Web UI Architecture.

SAP CRM Web UI Architecture

The Main Parts of SAP Web UI pages are:

  • Navigation Bar?
  • Header Area
  • Work Are

Let’s details some of these SAP CRM Web UI Elements

This following?will cover only Pages Types and Navigation Bar.

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CRM WebClient Elements

Page Types

The page type define the screen to be displayed for the SAP CRM user.
There different kind of Pages in SAP CRM Webclient:

Header and navigation bar

Navigation bar provides an easy navigation to the WebClient pages and data.

Home page

The home page is the starting point to user containing the most relevant link to tasks and data for a specific user.

Work Center Page

It is Top-level page regrouping shortcuts for CRM components.

Search Page

The name is obvious… it enhances?CRM components with search functionality.

Overview Page

Overview Page is an interface for displaying and editing data (for specific business object).
It is composed by Assignement blocks to header data.

Edit Page

Designed as Form Views, Edit page allows to maintain data

Header and Navigation Bar

CRM UI WebClient is designed around 3 areas: header area, navigation bar and work area.

CRM WebClient UI Navigation

For the full list of SAP CRM WebClient UI :

  • Work Center Pages and Reports Page
  • Overview Page
  • Advanced Search
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Tables
  • Hierarchies
  • Guided Maintenance
  • Buttons
  • Visual Design
  • Scrolling
  • Message Handling
  • Personalization
  • Authorizations and user interface Behavor
  • UI Texts

Please refers to the following SAP CRM WebUI Guidelines PDF.